Colonel Mustafa explains why his shop remains closed despite receiving donations from well-wishers

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On Wed, 1 Nov, 2023 14:28 | 2 mins read
Kenyan musician Colonel Mustafa. PHOTO/Mustafa(@colonelmustafa)/Instagram
Kenyan musician Colonel Mustafa. PHOTO/Mustafa(@colonelmustafa)/Instagram

Legendary musician Colonel Mustafa recently shed light on the reasons behind the closure of his sneaker and clothes shop in Chokaa six months after receiving a Ksh600,000 donation from well-wishers.

In an interview with Mungai Eve Media, the 'Umenikumbuka' hitmaker revealed that the shop closure was not permanent, citing pressing personal matters that demanded his attention.

Mustafa disclosed that the hiatus in the shop's operation was due to his primary focus on caring for his ailing mother, who has been undergoing radiotherapy and required a PET scan.

"Shop kweli imekuwa ikifungwa lakini si ati tumefunga shop mambo yamekuwa mengi sana. Bado nilikuwa nashughulika na mama tulikuwa tunangoja baada hio radiotherapy tufanye pediscan. Hicho ndicho kitu kimekuwa kikinifanya nisipatikane sana kazini pale kwenye shop," Mustafa clarified.

Mustafa shared that his mother's health took precedence during this period, causing his absence from the shop.

The ongoing medical procedures and care required for his mother affected his regular presence at the establishment.

"Apart from that mambo ya music na pia nimekuwa na shows nyingi nafanya na sijapata mtu mwenye naweza mueka pale mwenye naamini kabisa anaezaniendeleshea kazi mpaka mimi mwenyewe nirudi," he added.

He also revealed that besides tending to his mother, he had to attend multiple shows leaving no time to fully take care of his fashion shop.

However, Mustafa expressed optimism, providing an update on his mother's health journey, and indicating positive progress in her battle against cancer.

He highlighted that despite the shop's temporary closure, he remains dedicated to its eventual reopening and ensuring its seamless operation.

Mustafa appeals for financial help

Mustafa got attention when a photo of him labouring at a construction site circulated on the internet.

He opened up about his difficult financial situation, primarily due to his mother's illness, prompting him to seek assistance from the public.

In an appeal for support, he managed to collect Ksh600,000 from compassionate Kenyans and an additional Ksh1 million donated by Jaguar and his close circle of friends.

Mustafa outlined his plan for the funds after using a portion for his mother's medical expenses.

"Nitajaribu sana kummalizia kibanda yake, nyumba ambayo anaishi haiko fiti nitamsaidia juu chini kumfurahisha. Her dream is to go to Mecca," he stated.

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