Frank Murugi’s first wife slams her co-wife

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On Sun, 13 Aug, 2023 12:17 | 2 mins read
Frank's wife Rhama onlooking Frank and Kenyan-baby mama Murugi. PHOTO/Courtesy
Frank's wife Rhama onlooking Frank and Kenyan-baby mama Murugi. PHOTO/Courtesy

Controversial Belgian TikToker Neluemrev Knarf alias Frank Murugi's first wife Rhama has recently launched an online attack on her Kenyan co-wife Murugi.

The West African woman took to Instagram to launch a scathing attack on Murugi, hurling a series of accusations that have left social media buzzing.

According to Rhama, the TikToker co-wife went on TikTok live session to allege that she (Rhama) met Frank through TikTok victimizing herself (Murugi).

In her rant, Rahma admonished Murugi for the method she took to convey her message citing that she would have approached her maturely instead of talking behind her back.

"If you have a message for me, then come and tell me face to face like the so-called mature lady you think you are, but don't go crying on TikTok and talking behind my back." Rahma expressed.

Rahma went on to claim that Frank had been honest from the start citing that Murugi knew that he had a wife while they were cavorting in Turkey.

"Supposedly Frank lied to you, you knew about our relationship from the start, he told you everything when you were in Turkey," she accused.

"You and I had been in contact for almost 2 months, and we even planned to see each other in real life in Belgium or Kenya. Why didn't you mention that on your TikTok live?" Rahma asserted.

Rhama further straight fired at Murugi claiming that she knew her baby daddy from a threesome they had with her friend in a hotel in Nairobi.

"You went to lie saying that I knew him from TikTok just to victimize yourself and manipulate people, but you forgot to tell them that you knew him from a threesome with your friend in a hotel in Nairobi," Rahma alleged.

Debunking further on the 'lies' said by her Kenyan co-wife, Rhama went on to accuse Murugi of lying to her TikTok fans that she had forbidden Frank from keeping contact with his child Kenia.

She also alleged that the TikToker had told her she practices witchcraft during an exchange on Snapchat.

"Lying also by saying that I forbade Frank to see his child, big lie, I never forbade him to see his children!! Never.. You say I accused you of witchcraft, but you told them why I accused you of witchcraft??? I accused you of witchcraft, because you had told me by message on snapchat that you were doing witchcraft.." she concluded.

Frank, Murugi, Rhama

In February, the Belgian national announced that he and Murugi had broken up after videos of him and his wife Rhama surfaced online creating outrage.

"I am not together with Murugi anymore. I travelled 12 hours back to Kenya to see my daughter as a responsible father. Kenia is my everything," he said.

In April, Frank shared a video of him and Rhama showcasing photos they took on different occasions celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

"We are married, and the year has been full of many beautiful memories also with ups and downs, but we are inseparable. I love you," Frank wrote.

Frank deported

In 2022, Frank was nabbed for alleged drug trafficking and deported from the country.

He faced allegations of illicitly acquiring Ksh 435 million from the cocaine trade in Belgium via the Port of Antwerp in 2015.

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