Mungai Eve sets the record straight over allegations that she dumped GSU officer after getting rich and famous

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 5 Oct, 2022 15:02 | 2 mins read
Mugai Eve comes clean about GSU officer claiming she dumped him after getting rich and famous
YouTuber Mungai Eve juxtaposed with the GSU officer who claimed she dumped him. PHOTO/Courtesy.

YouTuber Mungai Eve has finally set the record straight about a General Service Unit (GSU) officer who claimed that she left him after getting rich when they had tarmacked together as lovers.

The man, who recorded himself in a single room while clad in a full GSU uniform, complained that he struggled to help Mungai to establish herself as a YouTuber only for her to leave him after her breakthrough.

"Mungai Eve, before she became famous, you know how much I struggled to make sure she recorded her first 30 videos. If you are woman enough, come out and fight me back. I remember buying lunch for those guys she used to interview. Nowadays she's out there walking with her money, she's made it on social media and afterwards, she blocked me," the man bitterly complained.

"I paid rent for your house for five months before you became famous, Mungai Eve. Now that you are famous, I'm trying to call you, my calls are not going through because you blocked me, when are you planning to settle my debt?" he added.

Clout chaser

Mungai Eve while speaking to K24 Digital revealed that the man was just using her name to get some attention, insisting that she doesn't know him and that they have never met.

"I don't know the guy I have never seen him. Actually, when I started receiving the videos I was like I am used to people using my name," Mungai said.

"My lawyer sent it (the video) to me akaniambia he is even threatening to kill you sijui nini," she added.

The popular YouTuber disclosed that the man apologized to her and admitted that he was only chasing clout after her lawyer contacted him.

"My lawyer contacted him akasema he is really sorry he was just chasing clout. So he (her lawyer) is the one who is handling it. I have not talked to him," Mungai said.