‘My Benz is being hired by visiting presidential escorts, dignitaries in state events’ – Mulamwah

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On Thu, 30 May, 2024 13:37 | 2 mins read
Mulamwah shows off his car making rounds at KICC for state events. PHOTOs/@mulamwah/Instagram
Mulamwah shows off his car making rounds at KICC for state events. PHOTOS/@mulamwah/Instagram

Kenyan comedian Kendrick Mulamwah has revealed that his German machine has been serving a prestigious role.

Taking to his Instagram page, Mulamwah shared a video showcasing his Mercedes-Benz, which, according to him, has been hired for chauffering visiting presidential escorts, dignitaries, and delegates during summits and state events at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

The content creator expressed his pride in seeing his car being used for official government duties.

"Benz ya konki iko pale KICC for official GVNT duties. Proud to see my Benz being hired & used for visiting presidential escorts, dignitaries & delegates chauffering in summits and state events. Don't just buy a car, buy an investment, maziwa inaingia pole pole," Mulamwah wrote.

In addition to sharing his car's prestigious engagements, Mulamwah also extended an offer to upcoming musicians.

He is willing to lend his Benz for free to those looking to shoot music videos.

"Upcoming wasanii wa music videos mkuje nawapea free 💪. Inawezekana wadau," he added.

Mulamwah buys first whip

In March 2024, comedian Mulamwah made headlines by purchasing his first car, a Mercedes-Benz E250 Innit, which he proudly displayed on social media on March 21.

"God did 💪🙏 proud car owner 💯 Mercedes Benz E250 innit. Always move slowly but move correctly 💯. Thanking God for all the blessings in life. Let's start life here. Thanks to family, fans & friends for your support and prayers always. The kid from Kitale is now a former pedestrian. Kalamwah and Mama Kalamaz Clinic are arriving in style now. @atruthk thank you for the support always, mamake ♥️ Thanks to @sleek_trading_limited for the machine."

Mulamwah revealed that the purchase had left him nearly penniless, sharing a screenshot of his bank balance, which showed only Ksh66.17 remaining after buying the car, which reportedly cost at least Ksh5 million according to an online car-selling website.

"Bank balance baada ya benzo 😌. tunaanza fresh 😂, yako ni ngapi?"

Known for his frugality, Mulamwah's spending habits changed significantly after his partner Ruth K became pregnant.

He spent Ksh150,000 on her maternity photoshoot, surprising many who knew him as a thrifty individual. In February 2024, following the birth of their son, Mulamwah moved out of his long-time Ksh9,000 bedsitter into a three-bedroom apartment.

The couple welcomed their first child on February 10, 2024.

Ruth K shared her joy on social media and Mulamwah reposted expressing his joy at the new arrival.

"From the moment I first held you in my arms, I just knew you were the missing puzzle in my life. Your tiny fingers wrapped around mine, your breath, and the way you look up at me with your innocent eyes. Can’t wait to make more memories with you and watch you grow into an incredible person. You are loved so much, baby Kalamwa. Proud to be mama @oyando_jnr. Thanks daddy @mulamwah for always being the best for us. We love you," Mulamwah reposted.

Despite his celebrity status, Mulamwah had lived in the modest bedsitter for a long time before the move.

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