Mulamwah: Sonnie tried to abort at three months

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 24 Feb, 2022 16:07 | < 1 min read
Mulamwah. PHOTO/Courtesy

If you are a fan of social media, you have probably seen Mulamwah and her baby mama, Carol Sonnie, on almost every headline today.

These two have been at loggerheads after their breakup and today seems worse as Mulamwah has spilt the beans alleging that Carol tried to abort the pregnancy at three months.

The abortion was however unsuccessful and according to him, he spent a lot of money for the pregnancy to reach full-term.

This, he said in a video shared on his social media pages where he further claimed that men are usually portrayed as the ones in the wrong when it comes to matters relationships.

"Sisi wanaume huwa tunaonekana vibaya sana kwa hizi mambo za relationship. Kuna time huwa tunafanywa tukae vibaya, your other spouse keeps on talking. Huyu Keilah mnaona saa hii akibebwa bebwa mapicha mnajua mama yake alikua amemtoa kweli? Do you know that? At three months, alikua ashameza pills mtoi ni kutoka anatoka mimi nimegundua too late. Nimeenda hospitali nimetumia mapesa kusustain hiyo pregnancy," Mulamwah said in a video he shared.

Loosely translated as; Do you know she wanted to get rid of the Keilah you're seeing right now in photos? At three months, she had already taken pills and I realised when it was almost too late. I spent a lot of money to sustain the pregnancy.

Sonnie has responded to Mulamwah saying that she has decided to maintain her silence thanks to the respect she has for her daughter and herself.

Just recently, Mulamwah revealed that he can't access his daughter because Carrol won’t allow him.

For those who said that these two were chasing clout, do you still believe that’s the case?