Mulamwah hints at his ‘bestie’ Ruth K being pregnant

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On Tue, 10 Oct, 2023 17:48 | < 1 min read
Mulamwah with his bestie Ruth. PHOTO/Mulamwah(@mulamwah)/instagram
Mulamwah with his bestie Ruth. PHOTO/Mulamwah(@mulamwah)/instagram

Kenyan comedian Mulamwah and his 'bestie' Ruth K may be expecting a child together if their latest posts are anything to go by.

The duo, who has been inseparable of late, recently shared cryptic messages on their Instagram stories, suggesting that they might be expecting a child together.

Mulamwah took to his Instagram story to reveal that Ruth had been vomiting during morning hours, a classic pregnancy symptom.

"Bestie amekua akitapika tapika ma asubui asubui ivi. Shida inaweza kua nini?" he wrote.

Loosely translated as;

"Bestie has been vomiting in the mornings like this. What could be the problem?"

Ruth also chimed in on the strategic announcement by posting a similar message on her Instagram story.

"Natapika tapika ma asubui asubui ivi, an kuchoka choka, shida inaweza kua nini," (I've been vomiting in the mornings like this, feeling tired, what could be the problem?)

Mulamwah, Ruth K relationship

The duo, who has referred to each other as "besties," have been raising eyebrows with their increasingly close relationship on social media.

Mulamwah introduced Ruth K as a close friend shortly after his highly publicized breakup with his baby mama, Carol Sonnie.

The comedian's relationship with Sonnie ended shortly after the birth of their daughter, Kayla.

In a previous interview, Mulamwah revealed that the breakup was initiated by Sonnie, who demanded a lifestyle that he could not afford to provide at the time.

"Niliwachwa kwanza, nikarudiwa kukakuwa an issues tena ndio pia mimi nikasema niondoke. Ile Wakati tulirudiana nilijaribu kufuatilia kujaribu kutengeneza mambo na wakati huo yeye alishaamua anataka kukaa poa na mimi sikuwa sawa, sasa niliamua kuondoka," Mulamwa explained.

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