MP Sankok advises young Kenyans to marry early, use him as a good example

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 10 Jan, 2022 11:00 | < 1 min read
David Ole Sankok with his wife. PHOTO/COURTESY

Nominated Member of Parliament David Sankok says marrying early is a good thing that most Kenyans who have not married should embrace.

While considering himself as a good example, the MP boasted of his success in a lengthy write-up he shared on Facebook.

He says he married at the age of 21 then invested in sharpening knives, a job that earned him enough money to pay for his university fees.

At 22 years, he was elected as a student leader and using his salary and allowances which amounted to Ksh 9,000, he says he paid his wife’s school fees.

According to him, being married at 21 was a big deal terming people who marry late in their 40s as failures.

He argues that being a youth is entirely based on age and not other factors like marriage.

“Because you married late(at 40) doesn’t make you a youth instead it makes you a failure. Because you remained in your mother’s kitchen longer than us doesn’t make you a young man instead it makes you a beggar,” he wrote.

“Therefore; Grow up and stop referring to us who married earlier as your elders yet we are at the same age bracket.

“Grow up and let young people (by age) take their rightful positions.”