I thought I would be unfollowed – Mitchelle Ntalami appreciates her growing audience

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On Mon, 27 May, 2024 09:51 | 2 mins read
Beauty entrepreneur Mitchelle Ntalami. PHOTO/ (@michelle.ntalami) / Instagram
Beauty entrepreneur Mitchelle Ntalami. PHOTO/ (@michelle.ntalami) / Instagram

Beauty entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami is delighted after gaining 100k  plus new Instagram followers.

The now-born-again Christian shared that she didn't expect to gain such a following, given that she is in a new phase in her life.

With nearly half a million followers on Instagram, some of whom were following her for reasons related to her past, Mitchelle expected most of them to disappear with her new transition.

Beauty entrepreneur  Mitchelle Ntalami. PHOTO/ (@michelle.ntalami) / Instagram
Beauty entrepreneur Mitchelle Ntalami. PHOTO/ (@michelle.ntalami) / Instagram

Journeying with Christ

While taking to her Instagram page, the Marini Naturals founder shared that she has never been excited with numbers, because her heart always gravitates to relating with actual human beings and not statistics.

“If you know me, you know or you can tell I’ve never really cared for fame or followers in the numerical sense. My heart has always been towards actual people as human beings rather than the statistics,” Mitchelle said.

Mitchelle was overwhelmed after gaining 100k plus new followers. PHOTO/ Screengrab by K24 Digital / (@michelle.ntalami) / Instagram

In Mitchelle's own words, God has been so faithful to her, because she assumed losing her followers, but the reverse happened. She asked her fans to trust in his faithfulness and whatever they seek shall be granted to them just like Solomon did.

“However, this is the faithfulness of our God. When you follow his way, he adds to you even that which you did not ask for or expect. Just like Solomon who asked for wisdom, and God added him way more,” Mitchelle stated.

Mitchelle's new life

Even though her entire page had just gone through a new transition, Mitchelle remained grateful that she had gained more than 100k new followers.

“Here I was, I thought I’d be unfollowed given the new Mitchelle isn’t as overt as her past version. And believe me when I say I did not care. But God moves his way! I debuted with 542K followers. In less than a week it stands at 552k. All God’s doing,” Mitchelle added.

In addition to revealing that her life had changed completely, about a week ago, Ntalami also expressed that she would live her life solely in the service of God, revealing that she hoped that her story would be an inspiration to many around the globe.

She welcomed her newfound friends asking them to join her journey as she glorified Christ.

“Welcome all, I am so happy to have my fellow Jesus-lovers here (Well, most) Thank you for joining me in our beautiful journey with Christ. We are just getting started,” Ntalami said.

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