Miss P reveals what can make her work with Willy Paul again

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On Wed, 2 Feb, 2022 16:48 | < 1 min read
Willy Paul with ex, Miss P marriage. PHOTO/(willy.paul.msafi)/instagram
Willy Paul with ex, Miss P marriage. PHOTO/(willy.paul.msafi)/instagram

After months of bitter fallout with Willy Paul, Miss P has maintained that she does not wish to reunite with her former boss at Saldido.

Speaking during a radio interview, the songbird claimed that Willy Paul has been trying to kill her music career ever since she left his music label something that makes her reluctant in working with him again.

"I have been learning so much about him concerning me and I am like I can't be working with people who don't mean well for me. When Eric Omondi took me, he (Willy Paul) was trying his best to make sure I don't get the support I was receiving from Eric," she claimed.

"I go where there are opportunities, I go where the future is promising and at Saldido I didn't see that," she added.

Despite all the reasons she has against her former boss, the Liar hitmaker said that she would only go back to Saldido if she is called upon to work on one of the unfinished projects she was undertaking at the record label.

She revealed that before quitting Saldido, she was working on a song that is yet to be released. According to her, it is the urge to complete the song that can take her back to Willy Paul's record label.

"There is a song we did before I left, it makes me second-guess about my stand. I just want to go back and do that song. I love that song, it is amazing," she said.

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