It’s a boy! Single Kiasi actress Minnie Cayy, partner Lugz throw simple, intimate gender reveal

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On Thu, 30 May, 2024 15:09 | 2 mins read
Single Kiasi Actress Minnie Cayy. PHOTO/@minne_cayy/Instagram
Single Kiasi Actress Minnie Cayy. PHOTO/@minne_cayy/Instagram

Single Kiasi and Real Housewives of Nairobi actress Minne Cayy has revealed she is expecting a baby boy as her second child.

Sharing the good news, Minnie posted on her Instagram, a video, a compilation of moments with her husband Lugz and their first child.

Thespian Minnie Cayy. PHOTO/@minne_cayy/Instagram

Team Boy vs Team Girl

A warm embrace is shown between Minnie and the husband at the beginning of the video as they pose in front of the mirror each guessing which gender they prefer. Minnie went first asking Lugz which gender he thought the child was.

“This one is team girl, why do you still want girls when you have two already? Hutaki boy kwanini?” Minnie asked.

In his response, Lugz said he likes girls hinting that he was okay with their second child being a girl.

“I like girls, I am a girl Dad,” Lugz said.

In the video, Minnie donned her blue gown with excitement as she announced her second pregnancy.

As Minnie is known to love fine things, it was expected that she would have a lavish party as her gender reveal, but this was different.

It turned out to be a gender reveal at the shore of the ocean with just Lugz, her husband, and her child. Fortunately, various angles were captured, and her husband held a smoke bomb in celebration.

Rainbow baby

In a recent interview, Minnie opened up about her journey describing it as challenging yet immensely rewarding.

"This pregnancy has been hard, but my husband is even more excited than I am, offering unwavering support throughout," Minne said, her relief evident in her voice.

Single Kiasi actress Minnie Cayy and husband Lugz Kenya. PHOTO/@minne_cayy/Instagram

Minne's path to this pregnancy had been filled with anticipation and some past struggles, making the news of her pregnancy more special for her and those around her.

According to the couple, they shared that this is a rainbow child, born after a couple has lost a child.

"Finding out I was pregnant was incredible. I've faced struggles trying to get pregnant in the past, so I chose to keep it a secret for a while. I'm thankful for my friends, especially from the acting scene, who respected my journey and kept my secret," Minnie said.

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