Milly Wa Jesus angry with Kabi after he flirtatiously hugs Niccah The Queen

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On Sat, 3 Jun, 2023 22:00 | < 1 min read
Milly Wa Jesus
Collage of Kabi hugging Niccah The Queen and Milly Wa Jesus. PHOTOS/(@Maishamagic, Courtesy)

Content creator Milly Wa Jesus has expressed displeasure with her husband Kabi Wa Jesus after he tightly hugged gospel artiste Niccah The Queen.

Speaking during the latest episode of their reality show 'Oh Sisters' Milly put her husband to task on why he hugged the singer as he complimented her waist.

Kabi while hugging Niccah The Queen complimented her snatched waist and praised her for working on her figure.

"Umeworkia hio kiuno, mtu anaweza feel ukiwa umeishika tu hivi," he stated.

Milly seemed to have been angered by her husband's actions and called him aside to put him to task.

"You have done that a lot. Last week you did the same. This is too much. You can't do that. It's not about making her uncomfortable, it's about making me uncomfortable. Because love you keep saying every time 'oh love enda you work out, ju ya hio kiuno' alafu sasa unaanza kucompliment viuno vya wasichana wengine mbele yangu," she said.

She also called out her husband for his behaviour complimenting other women's waists in front of her despite warning him that his actions hurt her feelings.

"This is not the first nor the second time, the first time you did it nilikuambia. You said you were not aware what about today?" she posed.

"The first time you did it, nilikuambia. It was in public, the exact scenario. A very known make-up artist, tumeenda event but Kabi good to see you is not enough," she added.

Size 8 who noticed the drama that was unfolding defended Milly and echoed her sentiments noting that Kabi was openly being disrespectful to her.

"If your husband keeps on insisting on you being a certain way and you are not that is emotional abuse. Basi we Kabi si ukue mrefu," she stated.

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