List of men Amber Ray has allegedly dated in 2022

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On Tue, 12 Jul, 2022 08:27 | 4 mins read
Amber Ray
Socialite Faith Makau, alias Amber Ray PHOTO/@iam_amberay/Instagram

We can only learn one thing from socialite Amber Ray, to be relentless when it comes to pursuit of love; be it genuine or not.

The controversial socialite has had both obsessed ex-boyfriends and those who have moved on without drama.

Notably, Amber Ray has never shied-off from flaunting his boyfriends online and with only six months into the year, the mother of one has dated four men so far.

In this article, K24 Digital takes you through the men that Amber Ray has reportedly dated.

Jimal Marlow alias Jamal Rohosafi

Amber Ray introduced Chairman of Association of Matatu operators Jamal Rohosafi as his new love after months of speculations online.

The socialite made their relationship public after they were secretly filmed several times and their photos circulated online.

Jamal later, in an interview with Jalang’o, confirmed that Amber Ray was indeed his girlfriend despite him being married with two kids.

He narrated his first interaction with the socialite and addressed claims that she ‘stole’ him from his first wife.

“Amber and I did not meet 2 years ago as most people think, we have known each other for over five years now. She advertised one of my brands for me and at that time we were just friend"

“One thing I like about her is that she is very aggressive, just like me and because of that we got closer our relationship got to where it is now. There’s a lot of gossip going around that Amber stole me from my wife, forgetting I was a conductor, which means I know how to approach women,” Jamal said.

Months into their relationship, Amber Ray claimed that she was officially married to the Matatu boss as a second wife.

"Am curious, are you Jamal's second wife?" posed one of her fans, to which she responded, saying, "Yes." “Legally?" asked another, and she replied, "Yes."

The socialite later broke up with Jamal after which the Matatu boss went back to his wife but they have since divorced.

“Are you together with Jamal? If not, what happened? All will be well,” posed one of her fans to which Amber Ray responded saying, “No, not anymore.”

Ambet Ray
Matatu boss Jamal Rohosafi and Amber Ray PHOTO/@iam_amberay/Instagram

Amber Ray and Kabba

Following her split with Jamal Rohosafi, Amber Ray moved on with Sierra Leonean basketballer only identified as Kabba.

The two had kept their relationship under wraps until towards the end of it when they started posting each other online.

It was all glamorous and fun until they started beefing over what a source claimed was Kabba’s disapproval of the kind of photos that the socialite posts on her social media pages.

While reacting to their break up, the athlete explained that he broke up with Amber Ray since she was not ready to be a wife, adding that he would never date a woman from Kambaland.

“I wonder why a lot of people out there think that it is only men who use women. Women are very, very dangerous

“Right now, Kambaland is the place I will never want to visit in my life. There is something about that place that is not right,” he added.

On the other hand, Amber Ray said she could not marry Kabba since he was poor and not her type.

"I don’t know who needs to hear this but, the woman who didn't marry you because you were poor or not her type, will most likely find a good nice man who fits her criteria and live happily ever after,” the socialite said.

Amber Ray
Basketball player Kabba and Amber Ray PHOTO/@ib_kabba77/Instagram

Amber Ray’s relationship with Antonio

The socialite was at some point said to be dating events emcee MC Antonio.

This was after a secretly recorded video showed Amber Ray in the company of Antonio at Mialle Restaurant.

Reacting to claims that she was dating Antonio, Amber Ray noted that she was tired of people circulating false information about her.

She clarified that Antonio is her manager.

Amber Ray
Events MC Antonio and Amber Ray PHOTO/@antoniothemc/Instagram

The socialite offered KSh 300,000 to whoever will reveal the identity of the stalker who secretly recorded and circulated the video.

“Just seen this video on one of the gossip groups but this time around, I’m tired of you airing nonsense about me. Yaani I have my 2 managers on set; male and female but you choose to write nonsense about me to make me look ugly as usual. As much as you are trying to eat we must respect each other

“If you know who took this video please DM me with evidence. I have KSh 300,000 for you,” Amber Ray said.

Kenny Rapudo

Amber Ray is currently dating businessman Kenny Rapudo.

Not much is know about the businessman who has been spotted getting sultry with the socialite a number of times.

Rapudo has also been accompanying the socialite to social events.

Amber Ray
Businessman Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray PHOTO/@iam_amberay/Instagram