Meaning of Confederate flag in Diamond’s latest music video

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 22 Feb, 2022 12:45 | < 1 min read
Photos from Diamond Platinumz' new music video featuring the confederate flag. PHOTO/COURTESY

Tanzanian music star Diamond Platinumz released a new song dubbed 'Gidi' three days ago but interestingly, he featured the Confederate flag.

The singer who is seen dressed in full cowboy attire featured a symbol that promotes white supremacy and has been used as an attack towards black people.

While music is art meant for entertainment, magnifying creativity and generating conversations aiming at impacting authentic cultural experiences, this would leave one thinking harder.

What is the confederate flag and what does it really mean?

It was first raised in 1962 as defiance against civil rights and a white supremacist response that intimidated black people.

It is seen as a symbol of slavery and racism.

According to BBC, the confederate flag was designed in South Carolina in the US for the confederacy of the South which declared that it was going to be its own nation leading to a civil war in the 1860s.

At the time, the flag was considered as a symbol of 'The South' and its heritage, however, the initial designer of the flag wrote explicitly saying that the symbol of the flag was a white background and was designed as a symbol of white supremacy.

It 'protects segregationist apartheid' heritage and as former US President Barack Obama once said and maintained in 2015, the confederate flag "belongs in a museum."