Martha Hinga explains in detail how he got Mary Lincon, Sammy Irungu’s nudes

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On Sat, 3 Dec, 2022 14:56 | 3 mins read
Martha Hinga explains in detail how he got Mary Lincon, Sammy Irungu's nudes
Mary Lincon and Sammy Irungu. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Martha Hinga, who is a real terror to Kikuyu celebs who are cheating, has written an open letter to Mary Lincon and Sammy Irungu whose nudes he leaked.

Hinga is thought to be a man who is only masquerading as a woman on social media. His identity is however still disputed.

Hinga in late October shared photos and video of Mary Lincon in her birthday suit entertaining a man and most recently, in late November, he leaked Sammy Irungu's nudes.

Days ago the controversial blogger shared singer Sammy Irungu's sex video which is still doing rounds online.

The 57-second video shows Sammy sleeping motionlessly in bed while completely naked as someone filmed him meticulously like they were auditioning for a cinematography competition.

The singer didn't even flinch as he was being filmed, he lay helpless like victims of the infamous 'mchele' drink spiking as the camera caught disturbing scenes of his naked body.

Am not your worst enemy

Martha Hinga, in an open letter to Mary Lincon and Sammy Irungu, told the duo that he was not their worst enemy, revealing that the people around the two musicians and their alleged secret lovers are the ones who sent him their nudes.

Hinga further explained that he leaks celebrities' nudes, more so those who identify themselves as devoted Christians, to restore the integrity of the holy altar.

"My dear friends, how are you doing? Hope you are fine. I wish to let you know that contrary to what you might be thinking - that I am your worst enemy, I am not. In fact, I am one of your close friends, and have been supporting your Ministries all along. My work is to just publish juicy News to Kenyans, just like any other blogger or journalist.

"But mine is a bit different because I don't do it for money or fame, but to restore the integrity of our holy altar. And I do it very carefully to ensure that what I publish is nothing but the truth. I have been attacked heavily on social media by your diehards, yet I have never been in your bedrooms. Or have you ever seen me with a camera where you hang out? The people you hang out with are the ones who have been feeding me with up-to-date stories about you. Why can't your supporters redirect their insults to your purported mipangos because they are the one who feeds me with all your dark secrets?" Hinga wrote in apart.


He further asked other married celebrities who are cheating to be very worried noting that the latest technology has made it easy to catch cheaters.

"Now this has come as a lesson to Kenyans who are fond of cheating on their spouses. When you leave your beloved wife/husband and go to your mpango wa kando's house; be afraid that anything can happen. Your adultery can cause you pay heavily to blackmailers or malicious extortionists lest your reputation get soiled.

"We are in an era where people have been installing secret cameras inside their houses. Today's media technology is so advanced that a bulb💡, a television 📺 , or artificial nails 💅 can be used to spy on you. So what can you do to prevent all this?

"If you can't be satisfied with your wife/husband, then don't marry. Nobody cares about single people hanging around with different people. And if you are already married then tosheka na bwanako/mkeo," Hingo wrote.

Nude exchange culture

Hinga also noted that secret lovers have a habit of exchanging nudes and in most cases, they are leaked online with many of the victims being women.

"Another trend that worries me and I think it's very risky is nude-exchange culture. If you have to share your dunes with your partner, a random online hooker or someone offering cash; be wary that the dunes can be used against you when the relationship goes south. Our telegram channels are awash with dunes posted anonymously and maliciously with 98% of victims being women.

"This shows that men are more likely to ask for nudes from women and more likely to use the same nudes against them. This trend has taken shape and it's now hard to convince Kenyans to stop it, since they do it for personal pleasure.

"If you are interested, tell him to start the game first. Tell him to record himself in his birth suit and completely reveal his face. If he declines, block him. Bona umtumie zako na yeye hataki kutuma? Send first at your own risk. Don't be so cheap. But akikumbali, save his dunes for your own security reasons; in case akiachilia zako uachilie zake pia mtread pamoja. Tit for tat is a fair game. Otherwise mkikumbali kutumiwa vibaya you will end up regretting. Na nimeenda. Kindly follow Martha Hinga Official where Pastor Anaconda's 'tea' will be served kwa wingi very soon," Hinga wrote.