Malindi-born singer Beka The Boy scores both in music and fashion worlds

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On Tue, 23 Jul, 2019 21:49 | 3 mins read
Malindi-born singer Beka The Boy scores both in music and fashion worlds.

Many people identify you with your music, but your fashion sense is impeccable. Tell us about your fashion influences.

My fashion journey has been an interesting one. It began since I was young and I figured out I wasn’t meant to be the normal office cliché guy. I was meant to stand out and it started with my dressing.

When I became a professional artiste, my financial status changed for the better and now here we are. As a creative, every day is a chance to showcase or express my art and I can do this through what I wear and it also shows what I represent.

Again, as an artiste I have to be creative and go with the trends; at times, I have to set my own trend and experience has been an interesting ride. 

What has been your most memorable fashion moment so far?

I was wowed by the first red carpet events I attended as an artiste. From there it has been normal for me, but also an important lesson as celebrities use the platform to cultivate, grow or even change their brands outlook.

What are your thoughts about the relationship between music and fashion?

The two are world apart, yet they are intertwined. Together, they’ve powered the showbiz world for centuries; starting movements and creating sub-cultures. 

Does the business model of artistes owning clothing labels really work? 

Fashion and music have been synonymous for a long time and have established employment for many young fashionistas.

By leveraging on their brand equity, artistes can invest in this business, but of late in the local circles, almost every artiste you meet will tell you they own a cloth line, but all they do is print T-shirts and hoodies.

Personally, before I get into this business, I will have to invest time and money into research or simply invest in something such as the fragrance business. 

Would you opt to design for yourself as an artiste? 

Yes. But first, I would be concerned about how my image is portrayed out there. I would go for something that speaks and represents my brand.

The comfort and design has to be compatible with what I do. Convenience and comfort makes all the difference and guides my thoughts when choosing what to wear. 

What is in your range currently?

My range is diverse. It largely features dandy soft elegance and sporty wear. I have quite a collection. As a dandy, I would like to express myself as a gentleman with attention to details.

It’s all about simplicity and elegance. This includes stocking-up my wardrobe with perfectly tailored suits —cut to my size and taste— trench coats, blazers, cufflinks, watches, belts, ties and shoes.

When I get sporty, it’s about ‘athleisure’ with Nike, Puma or Adidas the main feature brands. What made me fall in love with this look is the shuffling in between airports and it is convenient for me. 

What gives your look that edgy A-game?

It’s all in the mind, but I stock up on watches, shoes and perfumes. They complete a man’s identity. Currently I’m working on buying myself another Rolex. A Rolex GMT Master II Ice to be exact.

In this era of digital gadgets dictating our lives, few people get the importance of a timepiece. It’s not just about checking time. Watches speak a lot about someone’s personality. 

Who are your favourite designer wears? 

Versace, Gucci, Prada and Zegna. You can trust Italians with quality when it comes to fashion and design. Locally, we have so many talented designers who are excellent and making quality products and I am rooting for Malindi Designers.

What’s your best fashion buy so far?

My Gucci shoe collection that comprises loafers and sneakers. The collection makes one of my most prized items. 

Your general piece of advice would be…

Dress appropriately as per the occasion. Many people, including artistes, fail to observe fashion rules and codes. This ends up giving the wrong impression. My management has really helped me learn a few basics on such matters. 

What’s your fashion obsession?

I have a guilty pleasure in sunglasses. I have 50 pair of them, each for a different occasion. I also stock up on underwear and here, Emporio Armani carries the day for me.