Chef Maliha crosses 90-hour mark for longest home kitchen cooking marathon

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On Tue, 15 Aug, 2023 10:29 | 2 mins read
Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed. PHOTO/Maliha(@chefmalihamohammedofficial)/Instagram
Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed. PHOTO/Maliha(@chefmalihamohammedofficial)/Instagram

Kenyan self-taught chef Maliha Mohammed has displayed her culinary determination and surpassed the longest home kitchen cooking marathon.

With a remarkable cooking spree lasting 90 hours and 15 minutes, Mohammed has officially surpassed the previous record held by American chef Rickey Lumpkin of California, who achieved a home cooking time of 68 hours, 30 minutes, and 1 second in December 2018.

The chef took a moment to express her gratitude to her supporters, sharing the news of her achievement with a heartfelt message.

"We crossed the 90-hour mark with @pika_na_raych. Asanti kwa kuja. Nakupenda bure!" she wrote on her Instagram.

The rigorous cooking marathon, which commenced on Thursday, August 10, 2023, saw Maliha Mohammed expertly navigate a multitude of culinary challenges while concocting an array of mouthwatering dishes.

Her endurance and culinary prowess were on full display as she tirelessly whipped up a variety of delectable creations, leaving viewers in awe of her culinary talents.

Bigwigs in the entertainment industry like Crazy Kennar, Oga Obinna, Winnie Odinga, and many others showed up to show support for Maliha hearing her on as they munched on the mouth-watering dishes.

The chef's groundbreaking accomplishment is now awaiting certification by the Guinness World Records, a process that involves meticulous verification and documentation.

If successfully validated, Mohammed will be crowned the new world record holder replacing Lumpkin.

 This comes two months after Hilda Baci, a Nigerian chef attempted the record for the longest cooking non-stop by an individual.

Hilda was confirmed in June by the Guinness World Record as the new holder for the much-coveted record after cooking for 100 hours straight.

"Following a thorough review of all the evidence, Guinness World Records can now confirm that Hilda Effiong Bassey, better known as Hilda Baci, has officially broken the record for the longest cooking marathon," Guinness World Record wrote on their site.

The chef embarked on the challenge on Thursday, May 11 cooking non-stop through May 15, cooking more than 100 dishes of meals within the 4-day marathon.

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