Lilian Muli speaks of troubled co-parenting with her 2 baby daddies

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Media personality Lilian Muli. PHOTO/Instagram@lilmuli
Media personality Lilian Muli. PHOTO/[email protected]

Media personality Lilian Muli has opened up about her troubled co-parenting journey with her two baby daddies.

Muli says it's unfortunate for her since this has a negative impact on her sons who eventually suffer the most.

"Children suffer the most in this situation," she said in a recent interview on Kyallo Culture reality show.

While fronting like a 'victim', Muli opined that most men fail to take parental responsibilities if their advances are turned down by their baby mamas.

"There is a tendency of men to renege on their responsibilities if they are not sharing a bed with you or if they are not on good terms. The child ultimately is the one who suffers," she said.

She revealed that both are absentee fathers and that notwithstanding, Muli noted that she is not planning to sue the two for child support.

"I am not taking anybody to court for these things, by the way. I am like, if you want to sign date with karma, you do it," she said.

"I won't make you do something you already know you should be doing. If you're out purchasing slay queens champagne, go ahead," Lillian added.

Lilian was married to her first husband Moses Kanene and the two got a son before divorcing. She later moved on with Shabana FC owner Jared Ombongi, with whom she had another son before their publicised and bitter fallout.

Media personality Lilian Muli.
PHOTO/[email protected]

Lilian Muli & Betty Kyallo recall failed marriages

The two media personalities discussed the conspicuous stains in their love life - broken marriages.

While revealing that having two baby daddies is messy, Lilian says her breakups were tough to deal with.

"I grieve and mourn over a relationship breakup. I play love songs, take long drives and eat ice cream," she said.

The two, Lilian and Betty, say their exes used them for their fame to propel them to fame as well.

Betty, however, admitted that she has a weakness in showing off her boyfriends on social media which has played out against her.

"In my last relationship, I put him out on social media and I am now like, I will never do that again. That is my space and we should stop overlapping each other when it comes to my social media space," she said.

Lilian added that Betty's ex is now a celebrity.

"Even now, I think he must be Nairobi's most eligible senior bachelor," she said.

Media personalities Lilian Muli and Betty Kyallo.
Media personalities Lilian Muli and Betty Kyallo.

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