W***n who professed love to Mulamwah says her dowry is Ksh1M

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On Tue, 31 Jan, 2023 11:41 | < 1 min read
Collage of Faith Vaati and comedian Mulamwah. PHOTO/Courtesy

Faith Vaati Musyoki who professed her undying love for comedian Mulamwah now says she expects a Ksh1 million dowry.

Vaati went viral after a photo of her holding a placard with details of what she loves about Mulamwah and why they deserve to be together.

Speaking to a local YouTuber on Monday, January 30, 2023, Vaati claimed that she was wife material with all the admirable qualities.

"Bei ya kwetu saa hii inaread one million. The elders won't mind more. You know sometimes you see that a woman is good and so you decide to add more money to appreciate her, baadala ya kutoa Ksh1m, unaongezea," she stated.

Vaati also revealed that her undying love for Mulamwah saw her parents provide transport money for her to travel to Nairobi.

"Hii kitu nimenyamazia kwa mda naskia inaniumiza. So I decided to come and shot my shot," she said.

While expressing optimism, Vaati alluded that her intentions were true and pure and she is hopeful that the comedian will reach out to her.

"Hii ni mapenzi,niko serious mi ni wife material naomba tuu anipee hiyo chance. I am wife material because I know how to cook, I know how to welcome my man back home from work with hugs and kisses," she added.

Further, the hopeless romantic lady professed that she loved Mulamwah for his demeanour and the 'wonderful' content he produces.

"Hio ukienyeji sasa ndo napenda hizo content zake nikiona ndo inafanya najua kwamba huyu anaeza kua husband material," she added.

Faith also revealed that she had received threats from other women claiming that they were the rightful partners of the comedian.

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