KRG The Don speaks on beef with Arrow Boy, defending Nadia Mukami against trolls online

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On Wed, 13 Jul, 2022 15:39 | 3 mins read
KRG The Don
A collage of musicians Nadia Mukami, Arrow Bwoy and KRG The Don PHOTO/@krgthedon,@nadia_mukami/Instagram

Controversial musician KRG The Don has addressed his alleged beef with fellow dancehall musician Arrow Boy.

This is following an exchange between the two after KRG shared a video with Arrow Bwoy’s wife, Nadia Mukami during her show in Meru.

In a video on his Instagram page, KRG was seen cat-walking alongside Nadia in a spacious hotel room before her performance.

“We are outside,” the musician captioned the video.

Arrow Boy was quick to react saying; “What are you doing with my wife in a hotel?”

KRG The Don responded assuring the dancehall star that nothing fishy was going on between him and his wife.

“Chill dude, this is my sister. We are just catching up. Don’t send goons again,” he responded.

KRG The Don beefing with Arrow Bwoy?

In an interview after landing from South Sudan, KRG The Don denied an existing beef between himself and Arrow Bwoy.

He said the musician is family and nothing could come between them and compromise their relationship:

“Arrow Boy is family, so in case of any problem we solve it as a family. We don’t air our dirty linen in public,” KRG said.

KRG The Don
Dancehall star KRG The Don PHOTO/@krgthedon/Instagram

KRG The Don defends Nadia Mukami

The self-proclaimed millionaire also spoke on trolls directed to Nadia over her outfit during his performance in Meru.

After the performance, some of her fans noted that the outfit exposed her in not a good way, especially since she is yet to lose the baby fat women get during pregnancy.

Reacting to the trolls KRG said;

“Sometimes I wonder why people are bitter with life. People should have respect towards someone who has had a pregnancy, especially immediately after birth

“Nadia is also a musician and she entertains a lot of people; this means she deals with emotions from a lot of people. Once a woman has given birth, it is obvious to add weight and they need time to heal.”

KRG The Don
Musician Nadia Mukami PHOTO/@nadia_mukami/Instagram

Is KRG The Don dating Hudah Monroe?

The musician failed to explain his relationship with sultry socialite Huddah Monroe.

The two entertainers sparked dating rumours after being spotted getting cosy with each other in Juba, South Sudan where KRG was performing.

In a viral video, the singer was seen holding hands with the socialite while making their way in what appeared to be a private room.

Despite the video suggesting otherwise, the self-proclaimed millionaire failed to explain what kind of relationship he has with Huddah.

“Naona hiyo swali mngoje Huddah anakuja, mtamuuliza kwa sababu mimi naeza sema kitu ambayo hatujakubaliana na naweza sema mambo sifai kusema sahii,” KRG said.

KRG The Don
Musician KRG The Don poses for a photo aboard a helicopter PHOTO/@krgthedon/Instagram