‘KRG is my father’ – Another teenage boy claims

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On Mon, 12 Jun, 2023 19:41 | 2 mins read
KRG The Don
Dancehall musician KRG The Don. PHOTO/@krgthedon/Instagram

An 18-year-old boy has come out to claim that artiste KRG the Don is his father.

This comes as the controversial musician is trapped in a paternity case where he is said to have fathered a 19-year-old girl.

Speaking during an interview with local YouTuber Vincent Mboya the young man identified as Brighder alleged that the artiste was his father and was ready to prove his assertions.

The young man who is a student at a local institution claimed that he has never met his father in person and wishes to meet him.

"My mom hushinda amesema my dad is a big Kenyan artiste alafu ananyamaza, but sasa last week ndo kulikua na issues ju aliniambia my dad anatrend story za watoi huko Kenya.

"Kama uta ask for DNA ama nitoe documents zenye zinaonyesha that he is my father, I am ready to do that. Ile time utafeel you want the full evidence unaeza niambia," he stated.

Laboured to answer why he chose to make the revelation, the teenager claimed that he was honouring his father's wishes when he urged anyone who felt they were related should come out.

While denouncing that he may be clout-chasing, the young man also noted that he was only seeking a fatherly love and recognition from his father adding that he was in no way chasing after his money.

"Nataka tu asini assume, like I want to experience the affection from a father, the love from the father, hakuna kitu ingine. Si ati I am after pesa zake ju kama ni pesa, I have my own business which is doing well. At some point hio business ndo inanisomesha. I am not here kupata like fame; Nataka tu anirecognise na anipatie love then from there i'm good," he added.

He has now asked the artiste to look for him so they can sit down and chat alone. He also noted that he is willing to undergo a DNA test.

Earlier, the artiste was cornered by one Susan Kinyanjui who claimed that her daughter was sired by the singer. Kinyanjui accused the musician of failing to fulfil his fatherly duties to their alleged daughter Yvonne.

On his part, the singer asserted that he had never had a relationship with Susan nor lived in Ndumberi as she had claimed.

"Mimi sina shida ya kusaidia mtoto lakini ule mama ananishikisha handball pahali ikui. Ule mama sijawai kuwa na mahusiano na yeye niliona jana walienda na Dufla huko, maadui zangu wameshikana wameenda uko. Maadui zangu wameshina wote wameenda huku mahali ingine uko Ndumberi ati wanaenda kutafuta mahali, ati mimi nilikua naishi hio nyumba. Ile nyumba mi nakaa kukaa? Nimewai jua kukaa maisha ya chini lakini sio hapo. Mimi sijawai kukaa Ndumberi ndugu yangu," KRG said.

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