KRG asked tough questions by alleged 19-year-old daughter ah**d of DNA test

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KRG asked tough questions by alleged 19-year-old daughter ahead of DNA test
KRG and with his daughter Yvonne. Photo/Screengrab.

Musician KRG the Don met his alleged daughter Yvonne for the first time since her mother Susan Kinyanjui demanded that he fulfil his fatherly duties to her.

Speaking during an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Susan claimed that the artiste sired Yvonne with her while he was still a trader at Gikomba market.

Susan said she met KRG in 2002 when she was underage, claiming that the musician impregnated her and that she gave birth to Yvonne on August 5, 2003.

KRG ultimately met Yvonne for a one-on-one conversation where they both asked each other questions. The teen told her alleged father that she was ready for any kind of result from the paternity test they are set to take.

“Since you said you are going for a paternity test I am ready for the negative and positive, I am ready for anything,” Yvonne told KRG.

The controversial musician told his alleged daughter that he was taking the DNA test for her sake.

Mi nko ready unajua I am doing this for her not for myself,” KRG said.

KRG further asked Yvonne if she still believes he is her father after meeting her in person.

Do you believe I am your dad after umenimeet?” KRG asked Yvonne.

“Kind of,” she replied.

KRG told Yvonne that he strongly believes he is not her biological father, explaining that he was born on January 10, 1991 and that he was only 11 years when his alleged daughter was born.

Unajua mom alikuambia tulikutana na yeye 2002. For me in the year 2002 I was in primary school. I was not an adult I was 11 years old. How do you take that?” KRG said.

Yvonne asked KRG to be totally honest with her, stressing that she was confused by his claim and what her mother had told her.

Mimi nilizaliwa 2003. Mimi by the way I won’t know the truth ju ni kama nyinyi munatuchanganya wewe na mom. Because huwezi sema 2002 ulkua raima na 2003 nkazaliwa. If there is something you are hiding by the way you better tell the truth tujue tu,” Yvonne said.

KRG added that when Yvonne was born he was a class six pupil at a school in Kilgoris, Narok county.

That particular year ulizaliwa I was not even near Nairobi, I was in a place called Kilgoris that’s where I used to go to school. That particular year I was in class six and I even have my friends who can come and attest that we went to school together,” he said.

Yvonne further asked KRG why he had agreed to take a DNA test if he was sure she is not his biological daughter.

Unajua you can’t agree do to a DNA na hujawai kuwa na mtu. Why did you agree?” Yvonne asked KRG.

I agreed because I want to you to be satisfied,” KRG answered Yvonne.

The musician promised to cater for Yvonne's education even if the DNA test proves he is not her biological father.

"One thing pia nilipromise ni kwamba even if I wouldn't be her father and you really wish to go to school I will try my ways at least uingie shule na umalize whatever course you wanted," he said.

KRG added that he will publicly apologize for neglecting Yvonne if the DNA results prove that he is her biological father.

"I will just apologize kama mimi nlikua nimeacha mtoto wangu nimemneglect mtoto wangu because one thing I don't do is neglect my own blood I can never do that," KRG said.

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