KOT ruthlessly attack Alchemist Bar after viral video of alleged racism

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On Mon, 30 May, 2022 14:16 | 2 mins read
Revellers queue outside the Alchemist Bar in Nairobi. PHOTO/Courtesy
Revellers queue outside the Alchemist Bar in Nairobi. PHOTO/Courtesy

KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) are accusing a popular Nairobi joint Alchemist Bar of perpetuating racism against black people after a viral video showed seemingly racial segregation in a queue.

Several clips went viral on social media showing white and Indian revellers in one queue and blacks in another as they waited in line to get into the bar.

Netizens accused the busy entertainment hotspot of enforcing racial segregation at their premise after the clips went viral on social media.

"How will we ever beat racism if we are racist against our own selves. Last week when I went to Alchemist there was a line for white and Indian people separate from the blacks’. One black guy tried using the line akachujwa immediately. This is sad really," a tweep bitterly protested.

Alchemist responds to KOT

The bar has responded to the claims and denied the accusations. The joint's management has explained that the premise only has one entrance and noted that there were a handful of black people in a queue which had a majority of white and Indian revellers.

They stressed that everybody was allowed in without being discriminated against based on skin colour.

"We have reviewed footage from the alleged incident and we’ve shared it for everyone to see. There is only 1 entrance line for people to come in from. There are people of every background in that line," Alchemist tweeted.

"There was a group of customers who had stepped out and were re-entering the venue.
The security allowed them to come in through the exit line in order not to clog the main line," Alchemist added in a different tweet.

"There was an allegation that a male in a white T-shirt that was denied entry. Again, categorically untrue - you can see from this footage that he was talking to an individual behind him and went into The Alchemist. Nobody was denied entry," Alchemist strongly denied KOT allegations of racism.

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