TikToker Nyako says Kimani Mbugua’s fundraiser is now at Ksh420K

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On Tue, 26 Sep, 2023 21:26 | 2 mins read
TikToker Nyako says Kimani Mbugua's fundraiser is now at Ksh420K
Kimani Mbugua. PHOTO/Instagram(@iamkimanimbugua)

Former Citizen TV host Kimani Mbugua's joint fundraising championed by TikTok content creator Nyako has so far raised more than Ksh420,000.

The figure that doubled the amount he had requested was announced by Nyako in a TikTok live.

Kimani had pleaded for Ksh200,000 to start a business and boast his finances.

"Niseme au nionyeshe (should I say the amount or just show you)?" Nyako quipped before asking Kimani to make a rough guess.

"So we are at Ksh420,000!" she revealed.

In his response, Kimani Mbugua expressed gratitude saying;

"Thank you! Thank you so much. I never would have imagined ingekuwa hivi (it would be like this). I am so grateful to all of you. Asanteni sana." 

Kimani Mbugua appeals for help

The former TV star appealed to well-wishers in a video where he revealed that he had sunk into drugs until two months ago when he called it quits.

"I fell ill in 2020. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and since then my life has fallen apart. I have lost so many things, I have lost so many friends on the journey. People got tired of me and I'm in a position where most people are not willing to help," he narrated.

Kimani Mbugua. 
Kimani Mbugua.

"I got out of the hospital last week and I feel my mind has gotten back to normal and I don't want to go back to the place where I used to be. I am homeless. The people I was living with said they couldn't host me any longer so they told me to look for an alternative."

Mbugua said his debt currently stands at Ksh1.7 million.

"I'm in so much debt... like Ksh1.7 million. Somebody very close to me sold my car. I haven't had a job in the last two years. I've just been wandering and being hosted by different people. But now I'm healing," he said.

Mbugua can be reached through his email- [email protected].

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