‘I did it 6 years ago’ – Khaligraph reacts after Diamond’s dramatic entrance on stage in coffin

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On Mon, 11 Sep, 2023 15:25 | 2 mins read
Khaligraph Jones duriing the performance. PHOTO/Courtesy

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has reacted to Diamond Platznumz's hell-themed performance during the ongoing Wasafi Festival.

Diamond mesmerized his fans after he dropped a spine-chilling performance where he showed up on stage while being carried in a coffin.

At the stage which was filled with several caskets, there were men adorned in hooded religious attire.

In addition to that, a photo of Diamond with Satan-like eyes was projected on the screen before he came out of the coffin to begin his performance.

After the performance, Diamond came out to narrate the experience and admitted that he was scared of getting to the coffin for the performance.

"Coming out from the Coffin was an insane Experience last night, was scared as f*ck in there! 👽☠️🎃🧌," Diamond wrote.

Khaligraph's reaction

The bizarre performance caught the attention of many including artistes such as Khaligraph who claimed that Diamond was a copycat.

Khaligraph shared a video of his coffin-theme performance noting that he launched the trend 6 years ago.

"6 years ago. The OG shall be respected," he captioned the video.

During the period, Khaligraph admitted that he chose the coffin-themed performance because it was the only way to communicate the intended message from his hit song 'Mazishi' to his fans.

He went on to elaborate that he was trying to show fans that one side of him was the dead guy while the other was a thug guy.

“I felt that the message I was trying to put across would be better with a casket on set, coz I was trying to give two different sides of the story. One side is of me the dead guy and the other me the thug guy, so the casket had to be used," he said at the time.

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