Khaligraph Jones blasts Tanzanian artistes for ‘insinuating’ they’re more popular

By Naomi Njoroge On Wed, 28 Apr, 2021 15:11 | < 1 min read
Khaligraph Jones & Diamond Platinumz. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM.
Khaligraph Jones & Diamond Platinumz. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones took to Instagram where he stated he is not down for comparison with Tanzania artists on matters views on YouTube.

In his words, the rapper stated that; ” This is Hip Hop Bana, you Have To respect The OG, Best Rapper in Africa.. “

His new song “LUKU” which premiered on 26th April has over 256K views and he’s proud of more than a quarter-million tally.

This comes days after Tanzania’s Harmonize bragged on Instagram over more than 100K views on youtube within 44minutes of his song featuring Awilo Longomba & H baba “Attitude” which was released on 23rd April.

Tanzania music continues to gain more popularity in East Africa and Africa at large. Flaunting youtube views on Instagram has attracted more competition among artists but Khaligraph feels different genres deserve different treatment.

A week ago, Diamond Platinumz posted on his Instagram page thanking his fans for over a 60million views on youtube for his hit song “Waah” released in November 2020.

The tally of views may differ but the effort put by the artists should be appreciated. Kenyans and Africans at large are yet to embrace Hip-Hop music as compared to Afro-beats, Lingala & Bongo and that is evident if youtube views are to be considered.

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