Khaligraph’s baby mama Cashy threatens to take action against rapper for being a deadbeat dad

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On Sat, 11 Jun, 2022 11:03 | 3 mins read
Khaligraph's baby mama Cashy threatens to take action against rapper for being a deadbeat dad
Cashy, Khaligraph and their son Xolani. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Cashy Karimi is threatening to use underhand tactics to force Khaligraph Jones to take responsibility for their son.

Khaligraph and Cashy broke up and went their separate ways before she gave birth to their son Xolani sometime in September 2018.

Cashy in February 2019 revealed that she chose to end her five-year relationship with Khaligraph because of physical abuse.

"I took the time I needed to grow and free myself of a certain past that I can now openly share… I’ll be real about why I chose to leave a certain relationship. I’ll discuss physical abuse, financial manipulation, emotional abuse, slander and threats on my life and wellbeing,” Cashy wrote on social media.

The mother of one exposed Khaligraph as a deadbeat for the first time in October 2021 while engaging her fans in an interactive Questions and Answers (Q&A) session on Instagram.

"I'm actually happy the curfew has been lifted because artists can now go back to earning from night gigs! In fact, help me pray for an overflow of events so that your favourite rapper will have zero reasons to claim he can't 'afford' child maintenance it's been so hard bana," Cashy wrote.

Cashy reveals Khaligraph is a deadbeat dad. PHOTO/Cashy (@cashykarimi)/Instagram.

She also claimed that the rapper last saw their son Xolani in person when she forced her to take a paternity test.

Cashy reveals Khaligraph forced her to take a DNA test. PHOTO/Cashy (@cashykarimi)/Instagram.

Speaking during an interview with Milele FM in January 2022, Cashy painfully recounted how Khaligraph forced her to take a DNA test for their son only for him to neglect his fatherly duties.

She revealed that the rapper was demanding to take custody of their son.

Alinisumbua sana. Mtoto ako almost four years. Mtoto nimekaa na yeye 4 years. Nimemlea. Kuna mama unaeza uliza kama anaeza peana mtoto aseme ndio? Sio rahisi… Na kama ni by law, so be it. Because law inangalia haki ya mtoto. Haiangalii kiki.

(He [Khaligraph] is really frustrating me. I have stayed with my child for four years raising him alone. Is there a mother who can give up custody of their children? It's not easy. If he is going to court let it be so. The law looks at the child's welfare not clout)," Cashy said.

Cashy takes a swipe at Khaligraph

Cashy in a recent post on social media sarcastically threatened to directly contact event organizers who are hiring Khaligraph to perform at their gigs. She is demanding that the rapper must be compelled to fulfil his parental responsibilities to their son.

"Leo naambiwa hakuna enough for raincoat because events hazilipi. Na mimi nauliza, events organizers wakiita msanii performance, na anajua msanii ako na watoto kadhaa. Kwa nini wamlipe enough for raincoats for some of the children, and not others? Kwani hamsupport Kenyan music tena?

"(Today am being told there are not enough raincoats because events don't pay as much. Am asking myself why can't event organizers pay an artiste well when they know he has several children to take care of)," Cashy wrote.

Cashy questions event organizers for 'paying Khaligraph too little'. PHOTO/Cashy (@cashykarimi)/Instagram.

She added:

"Itabidi mnitumie number za wadosi wa zile energy drinks za Nairobi na hizo brands zingine sasa. Mnielewe tu. Nicheze kama mimi mtoto wangu apewe ata hoodies 2 za mvua basi. Back 2 school si rahisi na ambassadors wanaseme they can do verrry little, but wanataka kuclaim kijana akiwa mbali, Makosa sana. Ingawa bado naomba kila mtu azidi kujenga nyumba yake kwa amani.

"I will be forced to get the phone numbers of bosses who contracted Khaligraph to be their brand ambassadors. Just understand me. I must be smart for my son to get be given even if it's a raincoat. He wants to claim his son yet he is not providing for him. I pray for him to successfully build his mansion)."

Cashy sarcastically takes a shot at Khaligraph. PHOTO/Cashy (@cashykarimi)/Instagram.