‘Now I can’t even see her status on WhatsApp’ – Kevin Mboya sheds more light on his ordeal

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On Mon, 30 Jan, 2023 09:37 | 2 mins read
'Now I can't even see her status on WhatsApp' - Kevin Mboya sheds more light on his ordeal
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Twitter sensation Kevin Mboya has opened up about what happened at his girlfriend's workplace when he went to surprise her in Kwale.

Mboya became a subject of intense debate across social media circles after he shared that he was stealthily heading to his girlfriend's workplace to surprise her on her birthday.

However, he returned to Nairobi from Kwale completely heartbroken after a surprise visit went unexpected.

Speaking in a YouTube video, Mboya opened up about what happened when he showed up at his girlfriend's workplace in Kwale when he went to surprise her.

"At around I think 3 pm I had already reported at her working place so I arrived there I told the receptionist that I had come to see person AB. She told me to sit down there then she went and told her that someone was waiting for you at the reception," Mboya said in part.

He lamented that his girlfriend completely ignored him even after she was informed that he was there to see her.

Mboya revealed that his calls and texts to his girlfriend went unanswered.

"At around 4:30, I decided to call her just to know if she was coming because she had not responded to my message. So I felt to need to now call her and maybe see what was her response. At first, when I call her phone was not picked so I assumed she was busy then like after 10 minutes I called again and the number was busy - that was around now a quarter to 5. So I waited she never came, it's 5 the receptionist now start to tell me that they want to close of cause now I am supposed to be leaving," Mboya recounted.

"So at around 5:05 they had already closed to office. When everyone was leaving I just walked out of the building and I tried also to call her again. Her line was still busy, she was not replying to my messages, I tried to text her via WhatsApp she was offline. So I started telling myself that maybe something was wrong, maybe she was not even around or maybe she used another door to exit the building," he added.

Mboya further revealed that his girlfriend has not contacted him up to date and that he can't even see her WhatsApp status anymore.

"Up to today I have never heard anything from her, she has never texted me back. I even now don't see her status on WhatsApp I don't know what happened. I don't see even if she is online or not. That's how things turned out," he said.

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