Why Kenyans love South Africa’s Amapiano music

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On Mon, 8 Aug, 2022 06:00 | 2 mins read
Why Kenyans love South Africa's Amapiano
Why Kenyans love South Africa's Amapiano. PHOTO/Courtesy

South Africa's amapiano music has gained popularity across the world since its first re-emergence in 2019, after a poor reception in 2012.

The music which originates from Pretoria entails a hybrid of Jazz, house and lounge music that listeners cannot get enough of.

The reception of the genre has been utter profound with events, recreational areas, urban radio stations among others.

Kenyans are not an exception since a good number of events in the country are incomplete without amapiano music, the love for the music has even seen some Kenyan artistes such as Brandy Maina, Rekles, Trio Mio among other artistes venturing into the style of music.

So, what makes the music resonate with Kenyans at home and other listeners afield?

Interest to explore other African cultures

For a section of Amapiano lovers, the urge to explore other countries culture has motivated them to venture into the music .

In a previous interview in 2020, MTV base's hottest MC intimated that the rise of conciousness in Africa about where Africans come from has motivated a section of Africans to love Amapiano usic.

"There is a certain rise of conciousness in Africa that people want to hear more about where Africans come from. Take for instance Wizkid and Ojuelegba, the song was a massive hit everywhere you go. Amapiano is the same story. We are not even communicating in an official language but the music speaks for itself," the MC stated at the time.

Spiritual connection

A section of the lovers of the music opine that the music takes them on a spiritual journey similar to that of house music thus loving the music.

The gospel-tinged piano riffs of the music has also given some the spiritual effect of listening to the music.

The lovers of the music further describe the music as chilled therefore one does not need to groove nor dance to it.


Fans of the music note that it gives a buzzing sensation that makes one dance and vibe to it for hours without getting bored because of the therapeutic tunes that you can choose to dance to or simply vibe with.