Hit songs that slapp*d in 2022

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 13 Dec, 2022 08:00 | 3 mins read
A graphical representation of hit songs that slapped in 2022.
A graphical representation of hit songs that slapped in 2022.

While 2022 was a busy year for Kenyans with back-to-back political campaigns and the August 9 polls, the entertainers did their part to keep the momentum going.

Music fans enjoyed a whole range of content with some of 2021 releases hitting this year.

Out of the eight songs under consideration in this list is a modest attempt at representing what a fruitful year it was across different genres in the industry.

Here are some of the hits of 2022 as sampled by K24 Digital;

Otile Brown - 'Woman'

This year, Otile Brown spent at least three minutes obsessively praising a woman (Aisha) while manifesting the future with the lady. His sweet voice made it even more haunting as well as amusing. 

The remarkable piece was a collaboration with Tanzania star Harmonize who recently got engaged to his woman and the love of his life.

Kuna Kuna - Vic West

While this banger could have been a fast trend, it put quite a pensive “Valentine’s” Day card in the post with a plea to a past or a potential lover.

You’d also use the lyrics in this song to explain the “dynamics” of "wanting" someone.

The energizing chorus keeps threatening to turn this anthem into a full dancing competition.

Sweet love - Bahati & Diana B

Diana B might have been pressed about some of the things that have been written about her relationship with Bahati online, but you’d never guess from this song that she welcomes the attention with anything less than a full embrace.

In this song, Diana fronts as a believer in their "sweet love" regardless of their age difference and criticism.

Diana Marua seemingly claps back saying “If you thought the backlash will break us, wait until we show you just how strong we are together!”

Inauma - Bien

For anyone who knows that they did their lovers some wrong in 2022, this could be your ultimate New Year’s resolution song.

In this song, Bien accepts accountability for mistakes made in a failed relationship and vows to see beyond the pain, singing: “Inauma inauma lakini nitazoea.”

Whatever damage you might have been on in the past with your ex-lovers, the words in this song are deeply healing and freeing.

Mbona - Khaligraph Jones

Nothing could be more predictable than espousing an argument that Khaligraph Jones is one of the greatest rappers in the industry and this song reminded us all.

The love-stuffed song pulls all the distractions and necessary provocations to the other party but it tends to otherwise be more personal, reflective and tense.

Khalighraph is basically singing "I'll do a lot for you just don't ask why."

Geri Inengi - Wakadinali

If you wanted to have everything that‘s complicated, self-contradictory and fascinating about Wakadinali, this song is here.

No other song we’d consider an anthem, even though it wasn’t written as one.

However, the question remains, does Wakadinali have legit designs on being Kenya's Hip-hop stars now, or is this a passing phase? But do we need to care, if we can enjoy a one-off this good?

Kanairo dating - Mejja

Dating in our great city of Nairobi is such a perennially controversial topic that when Mejja released this song, some fans felt some type of way.

Was he making fun of Kenyan women? No. Was he saying that dating a Nairobian is, like, bad? Well, yeah, kind of!

But a lot more interesting in the song were his examples of what his experience was and what female listeners could tick or not tick.

Mbwe Mbwe - Bien

Bien Aime could only go on for so many years as the most sought-after singer in the boy band Sauti Sol before finally flaunting his talent as a solo artiste. 

Although this song was released in 2021, it became a hit in 2022.

This celebratory chant is a cheerful outlier for a party that is well-earned.