‘Keep my name out of it!’- King Kaka claps back at Eric Omondi

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On Sun, 14 Nov, 2021 18:30 | 2 mins read
A photo collage of Eric Omondi and King Kaka. PHOTO/COURTESY

Singer King Kaka is seemingly done with Eric Omondi's dragging and has now given a response.

In the last couple of weeks now, Eric Omondi has been on the trending list being the focus of social media backlash thanks to his sentiments about the music industry.

His highly publicised opinion about the music industry was deemed ‘careless’ and set off the entire music community to demand accountability.

Terming it as dead, Omondi decided to name individuals in the industry by names and in a recent video, he Named King Kaka forcing him to respond.

In a subtle counter, King Kaka asked Omondi to heal and find peace or just reach out to him directly long as he stops dragging his name in the mad.

"I don’t know what you are going through but please keep my name out of it. I pray that you find peace. You have my number you can always reach out," he wrote.

King Kaka joins a thread of other artists who did not spare the comedian in their replies to his allegations.


In an earlier report, Bahati also defended their industry and equally threw shade on the self-proclaimed president of comedy.

“Since huyu jamaa afungue ile Brothel yake inaitwa Wife Material amepoteza akili Sana. You think kutoa nguo ni Comedy sasa??? Young man respect our industry!!! Sijui unatembeanga na bouncers wakichunga nini? Your small brother Fred Omondi is making more sense than you in fact I am going to Re-Edit my video #Adhiambo just to remove the Part I put to promote your career!

Lastly, give me a call I give advice on how to respect women coz the clout chasing move you made to the mother of your son Jackie Maribe was só lame; a dead beat dad has no authority to lecture our Music Industry… Infact @EricOmondi umekua mtu bladi Fakin,” Bahati wrote.

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