‘I accepted my co-wife years ago’ – Karen Nyamu reacts as Samidoh, Edday flirt with each other

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On Sat, 1 Apr, 2023 13:01 | 3 mins read
'I accepted my co-wife years ago' - Karen Nyamu reacts as Samidoh, Edday flirt with each other
Samidoh and Edday Nderitu (left). Karen Nyamu (right). Photos/Courtesy

Karen Nyamu has revealed that she has no problem with Samidoh's first wife Edday Nderitu because she has agreed to share the singer with her.

Netizens were quick to mock Nyamu after Samidoh and Edday flirted with each other on Thursday, March 30, 2023.

It all started when Edday shared a throwback photo she posed with her grandparents, revealing that she was raised by her grannies.

In the post, Edday narrated how a friend made her skip school only to be busted by her grandfather who beat her silly.

"Leo being throwback Thursday,tujikumbushe our back in the days experience.
First and foremost I was raised by grandparents & one early morning as I was headed to school by then I was in nursery,I bumped into one of my friends chilling on the road ,my friend asked me that we should wait for our other friend twende shule pamoja.Nkaingia box yake tumngoje ,weeh kumbe she was lying hakuwa anataka kwenda shule ,ghafla bin vuu tukichill my grandfather appeared from nowhere and let me tell you maina 😂 ile kichapo nlipata ndio kama ni kichapo cha umbwa 😂😂😂the beating is still fresh in my mind but all in all I still love you guka na shosh and appreciate you for raising this STRONG woman that I've become , continue resting in peace . Experience yako ya nursery school ni gani ?
" Edday wrote.

Samidoh commented on Edday's post telling her that she was the one who convinced her friend to skip school and not the other way round.

"And having known you am sure ni wewe ulimuita on your side!" Samidoh wrote.

Edday laughed off Samidoh's comment in a quick rejoinder, saying that she is a good girl and that her husband shouldn't 'tarnish' her reputation.

"Samidoh am a good gal you know, usijaribu kunichomea," Edday wrote.


Netizens were quick to conclude that Samidoh and Edday were back together in happy matrimony after they flirted with each other, prompting critics to mock Karen Nyamu.

"Samido and Edday are back together…you're single again, welcome back," A critic commenting on Karen Nyamu's post on Facebook teased her.

Nyamu quickly responded by stressing that Edday and her are cowives.

"Sel Lopez, aki mimi siwezi kua single sababu ya comment? I accepted my co wife years ago," Nyamu wrote.


Edday suggested that she would walk out of her marriage after Samidoh reunited with Karen Nyamu, stressing that she couldn't raise her children in a polygamous setting.

However, Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu, weeks ago, hinted that he was reconciling Edday Nderitu and her estranged husband Samidoh after having a meeting with them.