Bernice Saroni and Karen Nyamu embroiled in vicious catfight

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On Tue, 8 Nov, 2022 14:45 | 2 mins read
Bernice Saroni and Karen Nyamu embroiled in vicious catfight
Karen Nyamu (left). Samidoh and Bernice Saroni. PHOTOS/Courtesy.

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu made a brazen attack on Samidoh's alleged side chick Bernice Saroni marking the beginning of their feud.

Bernice is hosting Karen Nyamu's baby daddy Samidoh who is on his US tour. However, the singer and the voluptuous US-based lady have raised eyebrows with their actions making netizens suspect they could be an item.

Nyamu took a direct hit at Bernice after a fan identified as Eunice Shaisha told her not to concentrate on what is being said about the US-based lady and Samidoh on social media as long as he was paying the bills.

"To you my dear sister kindly close your ears you will hear more and more nonsense. As long as he is paying the bills cheza kama wewe," Eunice Shaisha wrote.

Responding to Shaisha, Karen Nyamu took a swipe at Bernice saying that revellers in the US were filling Samidoh's gigs to see Bernice's humongous booty.

“That information is very sweet and very okay. USA people come out in huge numbers to see Bernice who hasbig assets and also enjoy the Mugiithi. Also, take photos and send them back to me," Karen Nyamu responded.

I don't fight back

Responding to Karen Nyamu's attack, Bernice said she was wise to fight back.

The mother of four said she would only sit back and watch as she is insulted because that is how she was raised - to be a peacemaker.

She further shared an inspirational Bible verse.

"I don't fight back I sit back and watch them insult, that's how I was Raised am not coward but am wise đŸ’¯ think Twice. Jesus says, "Blessed are the makers and maintainers of peace, for they will be called children of God" (Matthew 5:9). He doesn't say, "Blessed are the people who control situations and make them go their way." He doesn't say, "Happy are the ones who must be right all the time, no matter what it costs." He says, "When you walk in peace and are willing to be a peacemaker, you will walk in the fullness of God's blessing." That's the key. Be a maintainer of peace," she wrote.