Karen Nyamu sets record straight on claims of dating s***n businessman Jacob Juma

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On Thu, 2 Feb, 2023 16:34 | 2 mins read
Karen Nyamu sets record straight on claims of dating slain businessman Jacob Juma
Karen Nyamu and slain businessman Jacob Juma. PHOTOS/Courtesy

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu addressed claims that she was romantically involved with the late businessman Jacob Juma.

Speaking during an interview on Vybez Radio, Nyamu said was adversely affected after rumours emerged that she was dating Jacob Juma.

The nominated senator said she knew the slain businessman because he was a client at a law firm where she used to work.

"How I got myself into the limelight was through negative trending. Jina yangu even in 2015 ilijengwa na negative trending. What had happened that time this businessman called Jacob Juma had died and he happened to be a client of a law firm I used to work in so we knew each other," Nyamu said.

The lawyer-cum-politicians further stated that there were rumours that Jacob Juma was killed because of her, revealing that she used to cry in the car every time she got off work after being romantically linked with the slain businessman.

"And so there was a rumour that he had been killed by so and so because of me and story kama hizo halafu mablogs huku sijui ohh gold digger. The first time iliniaffect. Nakumbuka mbaka nikiingia kwa gari, nkifika home nko kwa gari before nishuke mbaka nkilia, nkipray nikilia. Because it was the first time and it was too much. I was not understanding how strangers can have all this bile and all that," Nyamu said.

The mother of three said that the harrowing ordeal she went through after the death of Jacob Juma made her develop a thick skin to cope with nasty comments on social media.

"So I went through that and I have gone through it to a point of where I am numb. Hakuna kitu leo unaweza niambia kwa social media, ati unitusi, ati uko hivi ati uko hivi… nothing," Karen Nyamu asserted.

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