‘It’s not something I would do’ – Kamene Goro speaks about dowry payment ceremony

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On Sun, 5 Feb, 2023 18:10 | 2 mins read
'It's not something I would do' - Kamene Goro speaks about dowry payment ceremony
Former radio presenter Kamene Goro. PHOTO/Instagram

Former radio host Kameme Goro is not interested in having a traditional wedding.

Taking to social media, Kamene says the dowry negotiation ceremony otherwise known as ruracio is "something she doesn't think she would do".

This was her response after hinting at a major announcement where she asked fans to guess what it was.

This is not the first time Kamene is sharing unconventional opinions.

Kamene on childbearing

Previously, Kamene said she was not interested in having children.

At the time she said she was not ready to keep up with the sacrifices attached to child-bearing.

“Kids are not in my plan. It is a bit tedious and they are a lot of sacrifices and it is one I probably don’t want to make. Plus they are expensive, think of school fees, health care and more,” she said.

 "I don’t want a little version of me. What will I do with a little version of me?” she piqued.

Further, the 30-year-old stated that the pregnancy journey is limiting and a lot more time-consuming than she liked.

 "This whole nine months thing looks like a lot of time, what I have heard about pregnancies is very scary. There's giving birth, it's not an easy thing. I want to have full liberty over my life. I want to wake up and say, I want to go to Zanzibar," she said.

Kamene, who recently celebrated her second anniversary with her DJ boyfriend, noted that while they could do a wedding the engagement does not necessarily mean it would end up in matrimony.

“I have a ring because I’ve been taken off the market, it’s a guarantee of the sort but I’m not engaged to be married,” she said in a past interview with Youtuber Nicholas Kioko.

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