Kamene Goro back on TV after 8 years ‘in the cold’

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On Thu, 26 May, 2022 15:01 | 2 mins read
Kamene Goro salvages her TV career after 8 years in the cold
Kamene Goro. PHOTO/Courtesy

Kamene Goro is going back on TV, eight years after she quit her job and moved to Tanzania to get married to a man who ruined her career.

The Kiss FM presenter is among celebrities who have been picked to host shows on Kiss TV which is relaunching after shutting down in 2020.

Kamene will host a new show dubbed ‘Good Vibes Only’ which airs every Saturday on Kiss TV. She was super excited to go back on TV.

“Did not imagine that I would be back on Tv, it has been like 6 years or something but trust Radio Africa to be the one to bring me back in, I am super excited for this. We also ensure that we keep the good vibes going because that is all that Kiss TV is all about,” Kamene Goro said during the re-launch of Kiss TV.

Kamene was a housewife

Kamene ditched her TV career in 2014 when she resigned from Ebru TV to get married to a Tanzanian man who completely broke her heart.

She moved to Tanzania after she quit her job at Ebru TV only to be a housewife in a foreign country. The Tanzanian tycoon who married Kamene convinced her not to work.

Kamene Goro with her Tanzanian ex-husband
Kamene Goro with her Tanzanian ex-husband. PHOTO/Courtesy

“I used to be a housewife and here was my routine. My man was to get to work by 8-9 am so I would wake up by 7:00 am. I would pick out the clothes he would wear and iron them, after that, I would run the shower so that the water gets hot.

“I would set his skincare products in one place, as he had a skincare routine. I would make the bed and set out his clothes on the bed. After that, I would go to the kitchen and give orders on what was to be prepared for breakfast. After breakfast, she would prepare him a snack to carry to work," Kamene said in a past interview with Jalang'o.

Kamene regrets ditching TV career

The Kiss FM presenter discovered her ex-husband was cheating on her after only two weeks of marriage. She persevered his infidelity for a while but ultimately threw in the towel on discovering he was a serial womanizer.

Reflecting on her failed marriage while speaking on Kiss FM with her co-host Obinna in April 2022, Kamene said ditching her TV career to get married was the worst mistake she made in her life.

“I have been through one/two heartbreaks. I cried for two days before I prayed about it. God helped me through it. I wouldn’t be here if it was not for him. I was crying because of the time I had wasted. I cut my career shot for 3 and a half years. Do you know how many things I could have done?” Kamene lamented.

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