Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe debut on Kiss 100

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On Mon, 9 Sep, 2019 14:00 | 2 mins read
Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe go live on Kiss 100's breakfast show after months of legal battle with NRG Radio
Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe go live on Kiss 100's breakfast show after months of legal battle with NRG Radio

June was a rather eventful month for radio lovers, especially the morning show fans for both NRG Radio and Radio Africa’s Kiss 100. 

The morning show hosts for both radio stations called it quits. 

Adele Onyango, who has worked with the Radio Africa station for seven years, resigned and later launched her podcast series called ‘PursePective’.

The Raverend Shaffie Weru, after leaving Kiss 100 kept it on the low for sometime and admitted on K24’s Weekend With Betty that people thought he was jobless. Shaffie said he had just taken leave.

He came back as part of Radio Africa’s Homeboyz radio team where he served as the programmer controller.

As for Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe, they made their debut on Kiss 100 after leaving NRG radio on Monday, September 9, 2019.

The duo will be taking over from Shaffie and Adele who had a huge following.

However, Kamene and Kibe have had their fair share of trouble after they left NRG despite paying their ex-employer three months salary in lieu of notice.

NRG Radio sued them over a non-complete clause in their contracts. 

It has been a long three months but last week, Kiss 100 made an announcement that it was time and both Kamene and Kibe were going to be hosting the morning show starting this week. 

In that period, Andrew Kibe admitted that he lost friends because they thought he was jobless.

Kibe said, “People thought I was jobless. They ran away from me three months ago. Now is when you want to comeback, just because you think I am at Kiss 100, I am now successful? Lose my number!” he told his ‘friends’.

The two are back on radio and it is clear that they aren’t joking because they even came with a ‘new studio.’

In photos shared on social media, Kiss 100 has clearly had a revamp.

The show clearly started on a high note, managing to be in the top Kenya trneds as it maintained to be on the top trends for the better part of the morning. Fans want more from the duo and their producer, Xtian Dela has his work cut out.