Kameme FM’s Muthoni wa Kirumba narrates her 16-year experience on radio

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On Wed, 29 May, 2024 14:09 | 3 mins read
Muthoni wa Kirumba. PHOTO/@muthoniwakirumba/Instagram
Muthoni wa Kirumba. PHOTO/@muthoniwakirumba/Instagram

Kameme FM’s Muthoni wa Kirumba, famously known as Baby Top, has shared with fans how much she enjoys being a presenter.

Muthoni, in an interview, explained that she would still be interested in continuing to work for Kameme FM even in another life.

16 years on Radio

As an influential figure in the media industry, Muthoni shed light on the different dynamics of her show, having transitioned through various co-hosts for the last 16 years.

“I worked with Kihenjo for eight years and he was a vibe. You know he was old school and his packaging helped him to say anything on air,” Muthoni stated.

Radio presenter Muthoni wa Kirumba and former presenter Winrose Wangui. PHOTO/@muthoniwakirumba/Instagram

Drawing comparisons between her co-hosts, Kirumba distinguished between Gathemba and Kihenjo, emphasizing the unique strengths each brought to her shows. 

While Kihenjo boasted more experience, Gathemba's digital prowess and ability to connect with diverse audiences adds a fresh perspective enriching their show.

“He is digital, he understands the market both urban and rural and whenever we go live, he taps the digital audience. He is doing good, I cannot complain,” Muthoni said.

We rise by lifting others

Central to Kirumba's current endeavours is the spotlight she shines on her colleagues, by uplifting them, especially the younger members of her team. They are a testament to her commitment to nurturing and promoting emerging talent in the industry, she says. 

Muthoni highlighted that her journey was marked by a few challenges, some of which left her traumatized. 

This, however, did not deter her from working hard but rather it fueled her passion for uplifting others. An example is seen in her dedication to bringing her younger teammates into prominence.

“When I joined the media, people did not appreciate us. I was traumatized and almost quit. This is why I am so passionate to mentor Stacey, to me she is just like I would a kid-sister and she’s doing quite well,” Muthoni added.

Muthoni wa Kirumba. PHOTO/@muthoniwakirumba/Instagram

In navigating the media landscape, Muthoni underscores the dual nature of the industry, acknowledging its power to inform and influence while cautioning against its potential dangers. 

“Media is so good and yet so dangerous. You need to be very focused. Do not allow the fame into her head. Be very disciplined especially because you have all the time and you are famous, so it’s easy to get distracted,” wa Kirumba added.

Emphasizing the importance of discipline in media, she advocates for responsible practices to uphold integrity and credibility.

Reflecting on her career trajectory since joining Kameme in 2010, Kirumba appreciates the autonomy and freedom within the organization. She attributes her longevity to a blend of prayer, resilience, and unwavering support from her fans. 

“I really pray every day, at every moment, any time,” Muthoni added.

Muthoni disclosed there was a moment when she was in doubt and almost called it quits, but the unwavering support from her fans drew her back on her feet. 

“There was a time I quit and it was the worst thing I did. My fans reassured me of their love, and I made a quick comeback. I wasn’t even able to negotiate for a pay rise. I would advise people never to exit out of anger,” Muthoni said.

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