Justina Syokau shows off ‘new body’ after long desire to acquire Vera Sidika’s shape

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On Sun, 11 Dec, 2022 16:13 | 2 mins read
Justina Syokau shows off 'new body' after long desire to acquire Vera Sidika's shape
A before and after 'surgery' photo of Twendi Twendi hitmaker Justina Syokau. PHOTO/Facebook

Gospel artiste Justina Syokau says she has finally achieved her body goals.

The Twendi Twendi hitmaker recently uploaded a new photo looking absolutely snatched in a tight dress showing off her hand-sculpted curves and a big butt on Instagram sending her fans into a frenzy.

"Finally have achieved my goal nyash, I love my new body," she wrote.

Justina had in October revealed that she was saving at least Ksh3 million for a cosmetic surgery procedure to acquire a big butt like that of Vera Sidika.

She said she had opted for liposuction(a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific body areas, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck. Liposuction also shapes (contours) these areas. [sic] ) after she failed to get her desired body shape through dieting and hitting the gym.

"Nashinda gym na bado sipungui ile nataka. So kama kuna njia naweza toa mafuta, nafanya vizuri kabisa. Natafuta hio three million nifanye liposuction nitolewe mafuta yawekwe where it’s supposed to be put.

(I hit the gym and I still didn't lose weight to what I wanted. So if there is a way I can get rid of the fat, I am doing it. I'm looking for the three million to do liposuction and have the fat removed so it can be put where it's supposed to be put), she said.

Speaking during an interview with media personality Mwende Macharia, Justina admitted her booty is big but nevertheless insisted that she needs to undergo liposuction to make her bum even more enormous.

"Butt iko sawa lakini nataka niongeze ikae vizuri zaidi. Yangu ni natural iko kubwa, butt yangu ni kubwa. Nataka nitolewe mafuta kwa tumbo niweke huku (The butt is fine but I want to add it to make it fit better. Mine is natural, it's big, my butt is big. I want to have fat removed from my stomach and put it here in my backside)," Justina Syokau said.

Justina Syokau and Vera Sidika. 
Justina Syokau and Vera Sidika.

Vera Sidika's shape

The controversial gospel singer further admitted that she envies Vera Sidika's big bum, claiming that having such a fake sexy body like the socialite's was not bad as long as it's used for the glory of God.

Justina further disclosed that she would use her fake booty after the surgery to market clothes.

"Watu wengi wanasemanga hawawezi taka shape kama ya Vera, mi naweza itaka. Ile shape ni nzuri bora uitumie kwa utukufu wa Mungu. Si navaa nguo naweza sell nguo sana nikiwa na ile shape.

(Many people say they don't want a shape like Vera's, but for me I want it. That shape is good as long as it is used for the glory of God. I can sell a lot of clothes if I have that shape)," she said.