‘Just one puff to celebrate being top gospel, secular artist’- Bahati says

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On Mon, 13 Sep, 2021 20:35 | < 1 min read
'Just one puff to celebrate being top gospel, secular artist'- Bahati says PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Self-proclaimed top Kenyan artist Bahati has shared a video in his celebratory mood to salute his achievements in the music industry.

Bahati uploaded the video of him smoking on his social media pages vibing to a reggae song saying he is humbled.

“Just one puff to celebrate being the top gospel artist and top in secular at the same time in Kenya. Humbled!” he wrote.

Prior to this, he dropped a new gospel song ‘Wewe ni Mungu’ and has since garnered over 578K views on Youtube.

Bahati who is seemingly transitioning to become a modern-day singer pride himself to prove that he can juggle his songs on stage to an audience full of God-fearing churchgoers and the rest who don’t vibe to gospel music.

This comes shortly after Bahati took a swipe at artists in the gospel industry, revealing why he chose to ditch the industry.

The music industry is ever-evolving and there’s certainly more than enough room for every genre of music to reign supreme but according to ‘Mama‘ hit singer, the gospel industry in Kenya is stagnant.

Bahati opined that the gospel industry is infested with artists who do not believe in what they preach through their music.

“The gospel industry is full of artists who do not have the gospel of Jesus in them. One of the reasons why we no longer see the hits like before is because their hearts are dirty. They are jealous and ungrateful,” he noted.

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