‘Distasteful’- Juliani, Eric Omondi weigh in on Diamond Platinumz performing at Azimio rally

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 6 Aug, 2022 20:37 | < 1 min read
'Distateful'- Juliani, Eric Omondi weigh in on Diamond Platinumz performing at Azimio rally
Photo collage of Diamond Platinumz with Azimio presidential candidate Raila with singer Juliani and Eric Omondi. PHOTO/Courtesy

Tanzania's Diamond Platinumz performance during Azimio la Umoja's final campaign rally at Kasarani stadium on Saturday, August 6 has spurred controversy on social media.

The focus is on him being picked over local musicians for the historic moment.

In his reaction, singer Juliani says that it is unfair that an international artiste was picked for the event instead of local talent. He says Kenyan artistes would have served the purpose as well.

"Diamond in Kasarani was distateful. Any Kenyan talent would've sufficed," Juliani wrote on his Instagram page.

On the other hand, the self-proclaimed president of comedy Africa Eric Omondi seemingly doesn’t share that view.

He reprimanded Kenya artistes saying it was their fault Diamond graced the eventful day at their cost.

He opined that Kenya needs showbiz, calling them out for continually being what he termed as boring, predictable and complacent.

"It says a lot that at this very definitive and historic moment in our nation none of our local musicians was found Worthy!!! I don't blame anyone but the musicians!!! Unless our Musicians rise to the occasion and take their place, this will only get worse!!! " he said.


"Listen to me, I have said this and I will say it again. Put in the work!!! We need SHOWBIZ!!! Not these BORING, PREDICTABLE and COMPLACENT things you keep bombarding us with!!! WAKE UP!!!! WAKE UP!!!"

Omondi however pledged to continue advocating for them in the next government.

"I am just waiting for PARLIAMENT to Resume I will do my part and ensure we pass the 75% PlayKE but YOU MUST WAKE UP!!! PERIOD!!!!"