JOB SEEKER’S NIGHTMARE: My interview experience with a bad carwash client

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On Fri, 13 Nov, 2020 12:51 | 2 mins read

At least I now had a chance for an interview. It had been close to a year since I left university. I had to survive in the city and money was the priority regardless of how I made it. Of course, I had a decent upbringing – so crime and anything that was unlawful was not an option.

I had to work in a car wash for a duration. It paid my bills and I was contented.

So here was the interview. It was long since I went for an interview. I had to be clean-shaven, neat and the suit I was given by my uncle Solomon was still neat. I arrived at the venue somewhere in Nairobi’s Upper Hill area almost an hour ahead of the interview time.

Like any graduate would do, I assessed each candidate I saw coming out of the interview room against myself. The two I could observe looked just like me – in terms of age and grooming. Looks like this interview was for the ordinary person.

So it was my turn and I was ushered in and to what I thought was going to be a panel of more than one person was just one panelist – someone I knew quite well. She was my client at the car wash. She was a lady of honour – from the looks but she was not exuding honour.

Two times at the car wash, she declined to pay for the services. The last time, she drove off. I had to be deducted the payments from my earnings. She particularly insisted that I had to be the one to served her and she knew she would not pay. No one has ever shown me how worthless I was like this lady.

Here she was sitting on the other side of the table and staring at me in what looked like a sarcastic smile. I did not have to introduce myself. She knew me and was quite aware of what she has been doing at my place of work.

So how was the interview? Did she wish to have me as a work colleague? Would my being an employee make her comfortable?

What are the chances that my regret letter was ready as soon as I got into the interview room?

How do you think I was interviewed and how long could the interview lasted?

I did not get the job and I am ok with that as an outcome.

Help me out here. I am already imagining Saturday at the car wash. Her car drives in and she is looking around to try and spot me…

Place yourself in my shoes……

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