Photos: Jeff Mwathi’s body reburied after dramatic exhumation exercise

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On Fri, 31 Mar, 2023 18:42 | 3 mins read
Jeff Mwathi's body reburied after dramatic exhumation exercise
The coffin bearing Jeff Mwathi's remains after it was exhumed (left). The deceased's grave after the remains were reburied. Photos/Courtesy

The exhumation of Jeff Mwathi's body witnessed drama as investigators, police, family and friends clashed at the home of the late interior designer in the Likia area of Njoro sub-county, Nakuru on Friday March 31, 2023.

The first set of drama happened when police attempted to kick out the media as the exhumation exercise began.

When the media stood its ground, the investigators packed their tools, removed the cordons and ignited their vehicles ready to abandon the exhumation exercise.

The residents then blocked them and insisted that the exhumation and postmortem must be conducted as planned.

The investigating team which included government pathologist, Johansen Oduor resumed their work as the media and residents watched from a distance.

The forensic team wear their work gear. Photo/Courtesy,
The team from the DCI forensic unit digs up Jeff Mwathi's grave. Photo/Courtesy

The second postmortem and analysis of Jeff Mwathi's body were conducted in a tent erected a few meters from his grave.

The forensic analysis of Jeff Mwathi's body being conducted in a tent. Photo/Courtesy.

Residents and investigators once again clashed after the exercise was concluded. There was a confrontation after police refused to take Jeff Mwathi’s body to the mortuary before reburial.

Angry villagers opposed the reburial and caused a scene, prompting Jeff’s father and uncle Samidoh to address them. A sombre Samidoh refused a request to sing for the crowd.

Mwathi's body was eventually reburied shortly after the stalemate was resolved.

Jeff Mwathi's grave after the body was reburied. Photo/Courtesy

Postmortem results

The result of the second postmortem conducted on the body of the 23-year-old interior designer was released shortly after the exercise concluded.

The exam conducted by Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor established that Jeff Mwathi had severe head injuries. He also had fractures on the upper and lower limbs as well as on his neck.

It established that Mwathi died due to severe head and limb injuries. Oduor indicated that it will take at least three months to know whether the deceased was sexually molested or not.

"We have taken more samples to carry out a toxicology test and also to establish if he was sexually molested before he met his death," Oduor said.

Although the autopsy did not conclusively determine what caused his death, Oduor said he died largely because of the severe injuries he suffered.

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