Jalang’o’s most controversial moments of 2021

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On Sat, 1 Jan, 2022 16:39 | 2 mins read
Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o, is one of the most popular comedians in Kenya. [PHOTO | FILE]
Jalang'o to vie for Lang'ata Constituency seat in the August elections. [PHOTO | FILE]
Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o, is one of the most popular comedians in Kenya. [PHOTO | FILE]

Since late 2020, radio presenter Jalang'o has been on the headlines for several reasons starting with his infamous Boys Club scandal to being accused of running a money-laundering business.

In this article, we review some of the moments the comedian made headlines for ugly reasons in 2021.

Wash wash scandal

In August 2021, Jalang'o made headlines after blogger Edgar Obare accused him of being part of a gang within Nairobi that engages in the money laundering business.

Obare accused Jalang'o of helping the fraudsters in cleaning the money they got through the proceeds of the crime.

Jalang'o, however, refuted the claims noting that all the wealth he has acquired over the years is proceeds of his hard work and not proceeds of any crime as alleged.

“I have never stolen from anyone or got involved in fraud. For me, it is all about hustle,” Jalang'o said.

Clash with Vincent Mboya

Jalang'o also made headlines after he helped Vincent Mboya, the 21-year-old man from Nairobi who asked him to pay his three-month rent arrears.

After Jalang'o helped the young man, Vincent opted to return the money claiming that the radio presenter treated him badly as he paid his rent.

In an Instagram interview shared on Friday, August 27, Mboya castigated the comedian for using harsh words after he sent him Ksh18,000 to settle his rent arrears.

“If the 48 hours elapse before Jalang’o comes for his money, then I will look for a way of making sure he gets his money back,” the 21-year old said then.

Mboya said, though he was grateful to Jalang’o for the help, the words Jalang’o used while advising him were unnecessary.

“I was so disappointed. I’m grateful that he helped me, but I don’t think telling me ‘work your a** off’ was necessary,” Mboya said in an interview.

Responding to Mboya, Jalang'o advised him to send him the money instead of making a fuss out of the help he gave him wholeheartedly.

Jalang'o also expressed displeasure on how Mboya was trying to use his name (Jalang'o) to chase clout.

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