Jalango fires groundsmen who stole from him after surrendering to DCI

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On Fri, 17 Jun, 2022 11:31 | 2 mins read
Police hot on the trail of Jalango’s fugitive employees as they are spotted in Bungoma
Jalang'o juxtaposed with his fugitive ex-staffers. PHOTO: Jalang'o. (@jalangoo)/Instagram.

Comedian-turned-politician Felix Odiwour alias Jalango now says he has fired two employees who stole money from him early this month.

The groundsmen, Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema, surrendered to authorities on Wednesday, June 14, 2022, after nearly two weeks of hiding.

The Lang'ata MP hopeful, while speaking during an interview with a local YouTuber, disclosed that the duo returned part of the Ksh1 million they had stolen.

He said he gave them a portion of the cash before relieving them of their duties.

Apparently, the fugitives turned themselves in after learning that detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) were hot on their trail.

"In this country, you can run but you can't hide," Jalango stated further dismissing claims that he was clout chasing.

The former radio host, who had promised to reinstate the employees if they came forward, clarified that he couldn't do so because they had betrayed his trust.

“I am ready to forgive them and even have them back as my employees here at home. Litiema just got a kid the other day so it is really unfortunate what they are getting their families into,” the politician said in another interview.

Apparently, the money Eli and Litiema stole was in his wife's car.

“I was back very late in the night from some campaign meetings. I had gone out that previous evening with my small car because I did not want the attention as you know with my candidacy and all that. Coming home I went straight to bed.

“In the morning my kid needed to take something from the boot of that car so I gave her the keys, at this time Litiema and Eli had already arrived in the compound ready to start work as usual. They wanted to wash that car so they did but on seeing the money in there, I think they got the evil idea to run away with it.

“Just a little over Ksh1 million. This is not much compared to what they were about to start getting from the deals we were working on for them. Right now they have spoiled that chance and will always be on the lookout while on the run. That is not a life worth living so they should come back already," he said.

Jalango promises reward

He had promised a Ksh100,000 reward for information that could lead to their arrest.

Eli and Litiema have been Jalango's employees for years. The funny men, who have over time rode on the fame of their boss to create a brand for themselves, landed job opportunities at Jalango's home when they were ardent fans of a radio show that he hosted alongside renowned presenter Alex Mwakideu.

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