Jackie Matubia reacts to Lung’aho’s new romance

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On Sat, 10 Feb, 2024 11:59 | 2 mins read
Zora actress Jackie Matubia. PHOTO/(@jmatubia)/Instagram
Zora actress Jackie Matubia. PHOTO/(@jmatubia)/Instagram

Certified lover girl and award-winning actress Jackie Matubia remains unbothered by her ex-lover Blessing Lung'aho's new romance.

Since Lung'aho's relationship 'hard-launch' netizens have been looking forward to Jackie Matubia's reaction but the mother of two has proven it to be a hard pass.

Internet users will have to curb their enthusiasm since while speaking to Ankali Ray on Milele FM, Matubia stated that she is not interested in her baby daddy's new relationship and seemingly appeared set aback by the expectation.

Jackie Matubia spoke to Ankali through a phone conversation as demonstrated below;

Ankali: "Happy New Year shem, unaendelea aje?"

Matubia: "Niko Salama I'm at home taking a day at a time."

Ankali: "Shem pole nakusumbua bana wambea tumekuwa tuki fikiria sana hili swala vipi hivi umeona?"

Matubia: "Hmm nimeona nini." The radio host then explained to Matubia that the news had set the internet buzzing but she appeared as if clueless.

Ankali: "Nani, Nani huyo, Nani babake ka babake ketu nani B mzee B umeona kule amemposti?"

Matubia: "Umenipigia juu ya hio?"

Ankali: "Ni kutaka tuu kujua labda shem take yake no gani na unamtakia nini labda do you wish him happy or what shemnikuambia nini? Shem hakupokea simu zetu bana wambea tukasema sawa tu lakini we have not given up tutazidi kumtafuta tu . So vipi we uko sawa kabisa shem?"

Jackie Matubia dismissed the radio host saying; "Kila mtu na maisha yake? Me I don't even care what happens in his life. Imagine I don't. Yeah, sijui waongelelea nani that shows how done I am."

Last month, actor Blessing Lung’aho revealed he is romantically involved with Irene Mulita after his relationship with Jackie Matubia hit rock bottom.

Lung’aho and Mulita demonstrated their love for each other as they spent quality time together at the Lake Elementaita Manor.

In a video that she posted on her Instagram account, Mulita was seen clad in a white bikini while chilling on the same bed with Lung’aho who was wearing a white t-shirt and shorts.

It was clear that Lung’aho and Mulita are lovebirds as the actor kept calling his sweetheart with the romantic name 'babe'.

"Salamiana babe," Lung’aho told Irene Mulita while speaking to the camera.

"Hi," Mulita responded.

"Nko wapi? Ule msee ata guess nampatia tickets ngapi? Waambie babe," Lung'aho added.

Lung’aho and Mulita were part of a group of men and women who were chilling by the swimming pool at the lakeside resort.

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