‘It is God who gives children’-Tokodi’s wife Grace Ekirapa pours out her heart for childless marriages

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On Wed, 28 Jul, 2021 08:05 | 2 mins read
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Media personality Grace Ekirapa and her husband Pascal Tokodi. PHOTO/Screengrab/K24-Digital

Media personality Grace Ekirapa on Tuesday evening unbosomed her feeling towards the societal expectations on married people.

In a lengthy post, Grace took to her social media where she stated that couples should be allowed to make their choices when it comes to bearing children.

"Allow me to say this because it’s been in my heart and it gets heavy by day. When two people get married, they plan and work towards their plans together. Everything flows beautifully and those who want children, work hard towards making them and some even swing from chandeliers while at it. "

She continues;

"Others decide to pursue their careers first then plan for children later, others decide to adopt children instead of having them biologically, in short, these decisions are made by the people who got married."

Further, the not so newlywed offered her insights on childless marriages out of choice or by chance saying it is God who gives children and therefore it is quite unfair for outsiders to try and dictate into the couples lives.

"I would like to talk about people who desire children and work so hard at it but face challenges. Others get doctors reports that they can never have children, some get pregnant and lose the baby before it gets to term, Some carry the baby to term but lose them during birth, some give birth but lose their lives in the process and never get to be present to raise the baby."

In continuation;

"What I am saying is, nobody really has control over how life will come to this world or how it will leave. God gives and God takes. It is unfair for an outsider to impose on a married couples life and even raise insults about their life and why they are not bringing children into the world."

In conclusion, Ekirapa called out the bullies who are quick to hurt others with their words by raising demands, insults and accusations before knowing what the other person is going through and cautioned them noting;

"Remember, it is God who gives Children, Women and men can only try. "

Grace Ekirapa married actor Pascal Tokodi in December 2020 and made their first announcement on the same on Christmas eve.

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