Is Sonnie thinking of changing her daughter’s name? Here is Mulamwah’s response

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On Thu, 24 Feb, 2022 14:17 | < 1 min read
Mulamwah bonding with Carol Sonnie. PHOTO/COURTESY
Mulamwah with his baby mama Carol Sonnie. PHOTO/(@mulamwah)/instagram

Carol Sonnie, Mulamwah's baby mama, had an interesting Q&A session with Instagram followers about her life.

This prompted most of her social media followers to ask some of the most private matters about her life.

During the session, one of the curious followers asked if it was ethnically correct more so within the Kikuyu community for a lady to change her child's name if her baby daddy is not present in their lives.

"I am sorry to ask this but is it necessary especially us (Kikuyus) to change the baby's name if the baby was given its father's name but the dad is an absentee?" the follower wrote.

In response to the question, the seemingly agitated Sonnie asked the follower to drop the thought of changing the kid's name.

"Drop your thoughts,” she said.

Following Sonnie's stand on the possibility of changing a child's name because its father is not present, we reached out to Mulamwa to find out if he would be okay if his baby mama changes their daughter's name.

“As long as the baby is alive, mimi sina shida. Afanye vile anataka. I’m tired.”

(As long as the baby is alive, I don't care whether she changes her name or not. Let her do what she wishes)

Mulamwa and Sonnie broke up last year, months after their daughter Keilah was born. Since then, Mulamwa who revealed that he is present in their child's life has since moved on with his life. On the other hand, Sonnie has maintained that she has found it difficult to move on.

"You don’t heal (from the breakup with Mulamwa) especially if a baby is involved,” she said during the Q&A session.

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