Musician Iman gets his money back after publicly slamming Baha for conning him

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On Sat, 3 Jun, 2023 21:18 | 4 mins read
Musician Iman gets his money back after publicly slamming Baha for conning him
Tayler Mbaya 'Baha' and Iman. Photos/Courtesy

Musician Iman came out to reveal that he was among the victims of Baha's scamming after he was exposed by US-based Kenyan woman Judy Maina popularly known as Nurse Judy.

Iman aka The African Pablo took to social media to lament that Baha, whose real name is Tyler Mbaya, had swindled in Ksh15,000.

He shared screenshots of his conversations with Baha showing how he was being taken round and round as he tried to recover his money.

Iman ultimately took to social media to blast Baha demanding his money back after Nurse Judy opened the Pandora's Box.

Iman's plea to Baha to pay him his money attracted the attention of a good Samaritan who offered to settle the debt on behalf of the former Machachari actor.

"Jamani asante mzee. Kuna jamaa amelipia ndugu yetu hio denu so am ok. I have been reminded to stay sober in the city once again. Trust me I hope all goes well for Tyler. Am sorry that I had to voice out my pain like this. Ni vile pia mimi nilikukopea doo place and I was under pressure and I couldn't just get that money to pay on your behalf," Imam wrote.

Iman later on confirmed that Baha also sent him money after the good Samaritan paid the debt on his behalf.

The musician said that he had to send back the money to Baha since the good Samaritan had already cleared his debt.

"I just want to say apparently that Mbaya ametuma doh I really appreciate though nimerefund because mwenye alikua amenitumia doh jana ameniambia nimrudishie," Iman said.


Mzeee ametuma hela. ♬ original sound - African Pablo

Other victims

Nurse Judy claimed that Baha had swindled three other people in America using the same storyline.

Nurse Judy

The former Machachari actor was exposed by Nurse Judy who claimed that he swindled her $150/Ksh20,820.

Nurse Judy said Baha was asking for $400/Ksh55,520 but she only gave him Ksh20,000 after he desperately begged her.

The US-based woman said she gave Baha the money after he told her that he was on the verge of being evicted from his house.

Nurse Judy added that she noticed that something was amiss after sending Baha the Ksh20,000 as he kept asking for more, prompting her to contact his wife Georgina to get her side of the story.

Nurse Judy said that Baha's wife told her that he had a gambling problem and that the money she gave him he used it to make bets.

The US-based woman further disclosed that Georgina told her that she was the one paying all bills in their home as Baha was spending all the money he gets on gambling.

"Wife akaniambia she is not even aware ye hajawai skia kitu kama hio (eviction) ye mwenyewe ndo analipanga bills na amesort kila kitu everything is ok na hii pesa yenye Baha ni yake ya betting na amekua na hio shida amekua akiombaomba watu pesa ndo abet," Nurse Judy said.

Meanwhile, Baha in his response acknowledged that he is not okay and he is currently working on that.

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