Imagine mwanaume mzima analead wanawake kwa gossip – Sarah Kabu blasts Edgar Obare

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On Sun, 30 Jan, 2022 12:48 | < 1 min read
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Bonfire Adventures co-founder Sarah Kabu. PHOTO/Courtesy

Business lady Sarah Kabu alongside her husband Simon Kabu had a few words for blogger Edgar Obare especially over the loss of his Instagram account.

In an interview on Youtube, Sarah criticized Obare for surviving on gossip and claimed that the closure of the account was long overdue.

This comes a few weeks after Obare on his gossip site alleged that the two; Simon and Sarah, had parted ways, rumours that they have since rubbished.

"Hiyo account hata ilichelewa kufungwa."(It was long overdue)

"Imagine you've been in a closed-door meeting and then you hear such things about you," posed.

Adding that: "Imagine mwanaume mzima analead wanawake kwa gossip.  He needs to grow up and start something. I would be willing to fund a legit business."

On his part, the soft-spoken businessman Simon Kabu advised Edgar to fact-check information before releasing it to the public.

"Personally, it is good for someone to confirm before they post something. Sometimes things are mistaken," he said.

An agitated Sarah claimed that the government should find a way of keeping people like Edgar Obare busy so that they don't gossip all the time.

"One reason I might vie for the presidency one day is to make sure that there is no idle Kenyan. I'm urging the next president to make sure that everyone has a job. I'm just from Laikipia and there are farms that need to be tilled.

"It's so sad that someone starts a business to leverage on gossip.  Sometimes you accuse families of things they even have no clue about. He must start getting involved in constructive things," she added.

Obare on Thursday, January 6, 2021, announced that his backup Instagram account had been disabled several months after his main account was deactivated last year.