I’m not sorry, I will leak your secrets again – Jalang’o tells Nadia, her boyfriend Arrow Bwoy after revealing their pregnancy secret

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On Fri, 7 Jan, 2022 09:24 | < 1 min read
Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o, is one of the most popular comedians in Kenya. [PHOTO | FILE]
Jalang'o to vie for Lang'ata Constituency seat in the August elections. [PHOTO | FILE]
Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o, is one of the most popular comedians in Kenya. [PHOTO | FILE]

Radio presenter Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang'o has revealed that he is not apologetic for revealing to the public that singer Nadia Mukami and her boyfriend Arrow Bwoy are expecting their first child.

Jalang'o's statement comes after Arrow Bwoy posted a cryptic message on his Instagram page blasting him for revealing Nadia's alleged pregnancy.

In his message, Arrow Bwoy asked Jalang'o to stop spreading rumours and stop meddling in their business.

“2022 wanaume tupunguze mshene bana, biashara haikuhusu achana nayo kabisa, shughulika na Maisha yako (Men should stop spreading rumours about other people's lives in 2022, they should just mind their businesses),” the Digi Digi hitmaker said.

Responding to Arrow Bwoy, Jalang'o noted that he is not willing to call the singer and apologize to him about his revelation.

According to him, he will not apologize to the couple because Arrow Bwoy had hurled insults at him by calling him a rumourmonger.

“Mimi sijui kama amejam ama hajajam... Sasa nishaitwa mtu wa mushene sasa ata nikimpigia namwambia pole aje? Amesema mimi ni mama wa Mombasa nina umbea…(I don't know whether he is angry at me or not because he has even insulted me already. How can I apologize to him yet he has called me a rumourmonger?)," Jalang'o said.

Jalang'o further revealed that he is not sorry for his action and would repeat it if given a chance.

“Kama nilikuwa nimeropokwa, nitaropokwa tena. I'm sorry, but I’m not sorry,” he said.

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